Browsing the Music CDs and DVDs

Discover the rich collection of CDs and DVDs at the Music Library!

The jewel cases of our CDs and DVDs are now shelved by running numbers, instead of being kept with the discs within the office. This change came about to facilitate browsing.


So now, you can check the catalogue for the stack number of the CD or DVD that you are interested in, pick up the jewel case from the shelf and pass it to the Loans Desk staff for the disc. Or you can skip the first step and browse the shelves for musical works that you fancy. Who knows? Serendipity may lead you to other works that are new to you!

Do note that music CDs and DVDs can be borrowed out of the library only by staff and students from the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music. If you’re from other faculties, you can borrow the discs for four hours and enjoy them at the listening stations within the library.

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