It’s the Holidays?

The only reason you call December a holiday is because of Christmas and then, the fast approaching New Year. Well, all right,  the students have gone off on their holidays. That certainly gives the reason to declare it a holiday. But a holiday, really, a real one? Bah! humbug, I say!

For the past weeks, TNL has been looking forward to leisurely morning bus rides to work with the least number of vomit-inducing stops, a nice cruise along Clementi Road, a seat all to herself but more importantly, buses that come at regular intervals (not 3 at one go). But does she get any of one of these, nooooo…..

Then, there’s the weather. Yes, it is nice and cool but it doesn’t seem to be quite like the usual December weather. You have your freaky deluges and then, you have your sunny shunshine. And at times, TNL can well declare that it is jolly June hot.

And the work. Ok, so it is not back-to-back, cheek-by-jowl, “Kill me now” kind of work. It’s the kind of work you need to do for the next year but can’t get done because a bunch of people ain’t around because why? Beeeecause they are on holiday!

You call this a holiday? Look over your shoulder, aha, you can just about glimpse 2010 sticking its tongue at you. Holiday, shmoliday. Bring it on, 2010!

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