Fantasy World in Neverwhere

by Neil Gaiman
Headline Book Publishing
PS3557 G141N Central Library

In Neverwhere,Neil Gaiman has created yet another wondrous yet completely believable universe- London Down. Richard Mayhew, our unlikely hero, starts out an ordinary young man, with an ordinary job, living in ordinary London. That all changes when he chances upon a girl bleeding on the sidewalk. Little does he know that his instinctive decision to help this stranger would forever change life as he knows it.

He finds himself erased from his world and transported into the realm of Lady Door, the mysterious girl he saves. Her universe is one filled with shadows, darkness, monsters and Richard finds himself tried, tested and terrified at every turn. He becomes an unwilling companion of Lady Door on her journey to seek out her family’s murderers and when pursued by vicious assassins, her unlikely protector.

In the end, Richard of London Above lost much but the magic of London Down has surprising power of its own. There was a pleasant and unexpected twist at the end that made the read particularly satisfying. I believe that this will be a book that will interest all fantasy lovers out here.

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