Rococo Rocks for Kamikaze Girls

Kamikaze Girls
Director: Tetsyua Nakashima
PN1997.2 Kkg Central Library Multimedia

Based on the popular, hip and ultra cool shojo manga, the movie is a faithful adaptation of the book by Novala Takemoto. This charming story about Momoko, a 17 year old student who lives a humdrum existence in rural Ibaraki prefecture. A perfect “Lolita”, Momoko fantasizes about French rococo, dreams of living in the Versailles palace and decks herself in bonnet and frilly dresses of 18th century France. Her idyllic existence is rudely interrupted by Ichigo, a tough-talking, tomboyish member of a girls’ biker gang. Despite their initial mutual antipathy, the duo strikes a unlikely friendship as they travel on a quest to find the legenday embroiderer, a journey that takes them to back-ally pachinko parlours, chic boutiques and epic bike-punk battles. The movie promises an exhilarating  roller coaster ride of live action, animation, fantasy and sheer imaginative wackiness.

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