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My Essay Writing Experience

October 21, 2014 by Chi Kan · 2 Comments · Uncategorized


  1. What have you done well that you feel you should be credited for.
  2. What difficulties did you face in writing the essay?
  3. What can you personally do to address these difficulties?

    It has been  10 weeks since the first lesson in ES1102. As the module is coming to an end, I reflected on the things that i have done well throughout the course and the difficulties I still face in my essay writing experience.

    After taking the module for about 2.5 months, I realized that I am more careful about grammar and sentence structure whenever I write. Before taking this module, I would just write ‘normally’ without consideration for these language technicalities. As a result, my essay would usually not fully express the points that I want to bring across. This course has forced me to put in the extra effort to think about the way  I write and has allowed me to focus on the use of correct grammar and sentence structures. I believe that with practice and conscious effort, I would be competent writer who has minimal grammatical errors and is able to effectively convey his ideas.

    However, I still face some difficulties while writing the essay. As I was reading up for contents to be included in the essay, I find it tough to structure my essay. I found a lot of relevant information regarding the issue and thought that they could be included in the essay. However, I realized that if I included all of the information, I would not have defined the problem to an appropriate scope for discussion in the essay. For example, the  inequality in education as a result of the disparity in ICT developments in the eastern and western region would in turn flow over to the economic disparity between these regions. As seen, the scope of the problem expanded from one aspect to another. Therefore, I had to decide and define the scope of the problem that I wish to discuss and not dilute the focus of the problem with other points. Regarding this issue, I would need to always stay focus on the purpose of the essay and clearly define each component so as that I would not find myself endlessly discussing on a certain point.

    In addition, I realized that even though the essay outline is supposed to aid in structuring the essay before the writing begins, I had difficulty in outlining my essay with the relevant points and examples before writing. Often, I find myself coming up with relevant points for the essay when I begin writing and this could result in an essay that is not coherent and lack focus and proper structure. This could also be a reason that essays I have written previously lack focus. I believe the issue here would be the lack of practice and conditioning to my thought process. In this regard, I could  do more practice on essay planning to train myself to structure an essay before I start writing.

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