2014 Immersion Programme at Yon Sei University and Kyunhee University

They experienced real Korea while staying in Korea longer than 3 weeks.

Read them if you want to know more about it, living in Seoul and learning Korean in Korea.

Boon Yen_Korean Language Immersion Report

Kimberly_Korean Language Immersion Report

Low Jia Min_Korean Language Immersion Report

Melissa Lo_korean immersion programme essay

Nur Dini Bte Sarifudin_korean immersion programme essay

Sim Wan Er_korean immersion programme essay

Yong Jing Rong_Korean Language Immersion Report

2013 Immersion Programme at Yon Sei University 1

The students who participated in Korean immersion programme in 2013, July for 3 weeks at Yon Sei University in Korea are sharing their experiences and tips with other NUS students.

You may be able to taste a bit of fun and excitement of the programme too!

2013 Korean Immersion Programme_Belinda

2013 Korean Immersion Programme_Lip Chew

2013 Korean Immersion Programme_Joyce

2013 Korean Immersion Programme_Jessica Khoo

2013 Korean Immersion Programme_Pang Mei Na

2013 Korean Immersion Programme_Ong Xiu Jing

2013 Korean Immersion Programme_Liu Qiao

2013 Korean Immersion Programme_Joylynn Yeo