My Essay Writing Experience

I have to say that I am rather proud of myself for having the courage to even speak or write up on my thoughts through English. I had always been enclosed with my ideas and thoughts, especially in school with the lack of my English proficiency, I would always had no confidence to speak up. So I had never knew if my ideas for my design scheme were brilliant(or not).

I have also learned that even though awfully written essay may cause some embarrassment but to write it out and to let others correct make me learn from my mistakes and to never do that mistakes again is the more important part of learning and improving. Throughout this ES 1102 Academic English, I had learned the accurate ways of writing English, which somehow elevated my confident a bit, it allows me to speak up and write more.

I am really thankful for the useful tips and techniques for writing that i had learned through this English module, it had helped greatly for my curriculum course, especially history modules.  Moreover, I also realized a fact that learning to write English adequately can structurally sum up my thoughts. Having a organized, clear and concise text allows individual to transmit the message across effectively, which is very much needed across many other discipline.

I believe my English language skills had improved greatly. Although my English Language skill is still not prefect but I still feel that it is better then before. I am inspired to continue writing and continue improving as English Language is a form of necessity for communications.

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