What you hope to learn in CS3216?

I should not have the chance to write this blog as I failed applying for CS3216. However, just like a miracle, someone dropped and I was secured a slot for this module.

I am a CS student and I like coding. And the only module that satisfied this hobby was CS3217, where I got the chance to code a lot with numerous assignments and a very big project. I cannot deny that it was a terrible semester as I often had to code overnight; but I learnt a lot, and completed a real product.

After CS3217, CS3216 was the first thing I though about. Because I know that I will get the change to code and to learn a lot here. I know it will be another terrible semester, but I want to challenge myself one more time, as well as give me one more chance, to create something big. Moreover, this module is not just about a project and assignments, I see it something likes a start-up, with business stuffs. So besides numerous stuffs that I can learn, both technical and non-technical things, I believe this module will be a place where I can demo a real start-up, that will be very helpful for my future career.

Reader response to “The Double Edge of Globalization”

Written by Chanda (2007), the “Double Edge of Globalization” successfully shows us both positive and negative effects of globalization. He points out the international trade is expanding that leads to a lot of environmental destructions such as increased fishing, deforestation, climate changes, global warming … In the other hand, globalization also creates the interconnection that helps the world can aware of these threats and find the solution together.


In the article, Chanda considers the visible of the connections as the major change between past globalization and its current state. Because of the instantaneous transmission of news and images, the ideas and information can be connected to all people in the world. Images of natural disaster can be transmitted to everyone and elicit instinctive human sympathy. The threats of global warming, deforestation, .. are posted in newspaper everyday to warn all the world. Therefore encouraging people gather and deal with this problem together. One of the best effects of this interconnection is Kyoto protocol to save the environment.


In my opinion, I totally agree with Chanda that globalization has made the world more interconnected and it is more easily for us to communicate and raise awareness of the degradation of environment. Thank to the development of technology, it is now feasible for us to know all the news over the world in minutes. Moreover, we even can organize environmental evens then use the Internet to spread it to the world. “Earth Hour” is one such even. Organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), “earth hour“ aims to actions to improve environment. With the help of media as well as social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, ..), “Earth Hour” has spread to every corners of the world and the number of participations is increasing year by year.


In conclusion, we cannot deny that globalization is affecting our environment in a very bad way. But thank to globalization, the world becomes smaller and we are more connected. So I strongly believe that we can use this interconnection and help to save our natural mom.


Reflective writing

Writing now appears in every aspects of our life. From companies to universities, we all need writing. Especially writing in English, the main language of the world. It is a very important part of our life.

First off, writing may improve your English. If you want to be good at writing, you have to know lots of vocabularies, grammars and how to use them effectively. Then keep practicing, your writing and your English will be better day by day.

Second of all, writing is an essential way to communicating. Email, letter, message, .. are all writing. The most important thing is you have to make people can understand what you write. Like in university, when you do a report, you have to make professor understand your writing then he can grade it.

Finally, writing may be a good way for you can express yourself. There are always lots of things that it’s hard to say but perfect to write. That’s why love letter was born. It’s always so romantic and never obsolete. Moreover, you always need writing when applying for a job, exactly making a good CV that can express who you are and how much you fit for this job.

In summary, writing in English is everywhere in our life and it will be very useful if we have a good writing skill.