CS3216 The journey officially ends!

So STEPS done! Report exempted thanks to Colin (y)(y)!

It was so pity that I could not join STEPS as I had to go to Thailand for a competition. At the end, my team did not get a prize. However, we did our best and got good feedbacks. I am so proud of my team.

About me, I learnt a lot from this modules, both technical and non-technical skills. My technical skills have improved a lot. I get to know NodeJS, Android, deployment flow, etc. More importantly, I have seen lots of talents out there, with lots of cool ideas. I suddenly feel that I am so small. However, that is not the inferiority; that will be the motivation for me to try to improve myself more.

In the end, I feel so thankful to CS3216, to Colin and to all of my classmates (eps my teammates) for making a great semester with me. Best lucks for the finals btw 😀

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