CS3216 – The journey is going to end

So reading week has come already. Time flies just so fast. The Quick-Desk Android app is quite OK now. All basic features are done. Now we only spend time fixing bugs as well as modifying the app such that it will be easiest to present @STEPS.

About STEPS, we had a draft of the clip and the poster as well. But there are a lot of things more to discuss. As the app is about sales things, we have to modify it a little bit to be easier for students to understand. Decorating booth also need to be discussed, about the gifts, dress code, etc.

It is a little bit sad that I can’t join STEPS this semester, as I have to go to Thailand for a competition (ACM ICPC). However, I will try my best for preparing for the STEPS and will be encouraging my team remotely during STEPS 😀

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