CS3216, Final Project – Knowledge learned & Problems encountered

So it has been a few week since my last blog. Because it’s final project so we get more time to work, as well as more things to code. A coding phase may last 2-3 weeks, so now I am going to summary what I have learned and the problems encountered for the last some weeks.

For what I have learned, of course it is Android development. But this only makes me hate Java more. As I feel that I can do the same thing in iOS with much less code. However it is well-structured. Everything is in flow, i.e. Fragment, Activity, Adapter, etc. This is something like 2-sides blade, it makes the code well-structed but makes it very long also. More than that, I also learned how to work in a big project with more than 1 team :)), from working flow to how to manage the work (project management, .i.e Trello).

However, as the work depends too much on PearComms, it takes time for me to verify somethings. And I am not working directly with server-side team, so every time I got troubles, it takes time for a verification. And some times I got bugs in server side, so it took even more time waiting.

I know this is unavoidable. So I just try to minimize the dependency on server-side team. By creating dummy data, staging APIs, etc while waiting for them to fix bugs / clarify me.

The project are still on progress. I will try my best for the rest of the time.

Week 7 – Final Project

Week 7 has just been passed and the final project has just started as well. For the final project, we have been going to work with PeerComms on QuickDesk. This is an Android app but includes some server work. So we divided into 2 teams: one develops the Android app and one builds the server to provide the restful APIs.

As everyone was busy with midterms, we haven’t really started coding. So we learnt about Android / Go first then we try to code fast from next week. More than that, as the project is under a company, I have learnt how they manage the product very well. We have completed a detailed wireframe and used Trello as the project management tool. Everything will be updated carefully on Trello so everyone can follow. I feel that this is going to be a wonderful experience for me.