Week 6 – What you hope to learn in CS3216?

Well assignment’s due is coming soon. This week is extremely hard for us as we got the first comment of Colin: “What the heck is this”. We were wrong on calculating the workload of this product. It is much harder than we have thought. And it is even harder when there are only 2 developers in the team. We used to plan to reduce the functionalities of the app. But somehow that would lose the original idea: ‘Give more get more’. That is something we really do not want.

So, all we could do is just to try our best. We had a really sleepless week. And fortunately all the functionalities have been done on Sunday. All the work now is just to improve UI/UX and to fulfill the milestones. For me, I learnt a lot in this assignment. As there are only 2 developers in the team so I had to tough front-end also. The Flux architecture, React.js, etc they all used to be new to me. However, now I have an overview on them and could use them confidently.

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