CS3216 – App review on “Medium”

Well the assignment 2 has just passed. I was working on Slack but now I am going to review on Medium.

The presentation of team 8 gave me an overview about Medium. Basically Medium is something between Twitter and Blog, so it is called Medium :)). This is a platform where people can share the ideas and stories to the world. To be honest, I have never used Medium; so after the presentation I came back and took a look at the real application. Then I listed 3 main points in the presentation and some of my thoughts about these points.

  1. Team 8 stated that Medium is focusing on the content. I am totally agree with this. Obviously the purpose of the app is to share the ideas and stories to the world so the content should be the most important. They even have a team for picking good articles. However is this really good? Each person has his own taste on reading and this hand-picking seems to be too subjective. For me I am not very interested in reading, so I still believe in articles with more viewers. But for who is very interested in reading, this way may increase the quality of the articles? This is still controversy I think.
  2. Team 8 also mentioned about the design of Medium. It somehow focuses on the simplify to highlight the content. However, they also said that the over-simplification may cause Medium to lose many first-time users. I am not very agree with this. In my opinion, simplification is good. The problem lies on the design of the app, not the simplification. First time I visited the page, it hurt my eyes as the the page was too bright and it was mid-night. So for this problem, I recommend the same simplify with another color scheme, maybe blue or dark theme (not so dark) that create the peaceful. Just imagine that it is a peaceful autumn afternoon, you are sitting with a cup of coffee/tea and there is a very beautiful scene with river, tree and singing birds in front of your eyes. Is that too perfect time for picking a book/article?
  3. The last point I want to mention is user experience. I really like the highlighting text. So that you can note down some good sentences that you want to remember. More than that, you even can share it if you want and interact with the writer. The interaction between the writer and the reader is indispensable for an app like Medium. And it supports this interaction very well. Reader can comment on each sentence of the article.

Overall, there is still lots of things need to discuss about Median. But it is still a very good place to read, write and share your thoughts to the world.

4 thoughts on “CS3216 – App review on “Medium”

  1. It’s funny that you mentioned Medium need another, darker color scheme because we said that Spotify needs a lighter color scheme.

    I agree that some customizability is a good idea, especially in this case. Some people are not comfortable with bright, white color, while I was not comfortable using Spotify because of its dark, pure black color. Giving the reader a choice between dark and light is a good idea, and the team in Medium won’t have to worry about fonts not matching with the theme – they control the fonts anyway!

    • I like the light color scheme also. But it is just too bright :)) Maybe light scheme like blue / green etc should work. And yeah giving user the choice of that is not a bad idea.

  2. I’m also sitting in a quite dark area at the moment but I don’t share the same experience with you on the color brightness issue 😛 Personally, the color scheme looks quite good to me, hence it shall be better if Medium provides a feature for first time users to customize the theme (or they already have it but I couldn’t figure out?).

    Commenting on a word or a line of the blog to interact with the author is a pretty creative feature of Medium. But when trying this myself, I somehow found that if I scrolled all the way down to the comment part midway typing my comment, the UI would appear to be not aligned properly. I’m not sure if this is intended or not but it does give me a bad impression on the app.

  3. In fact, I like to read those articles that are selected out from a crowds. People recommended it because it’s worthwhile, so the quality of the content is guaranteed. Also I’m quite lazy, I would rather read the boring articles the other people (with different taste of reading) picked, instead of spending a lot of time searching and eventually read some nonsense stuff.

    For the color scheme idea, have you tried https://justgetflux.com/ before?

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