Week 3 – What you hope to learn in CS3216?

Week 3 has just ended and the deadline for assignment 1 is coming.

This is such a very bad week for our team after Colin gave us the comments on the current product. The UI is terrible! This seems to be unavoidable with a team of 4 back-end coders. And we started to read more about designing, how to choose the color, make animations, etc. And somehow the UI now looks quite OK. It is not perfect, of course; but quite good for 4 back-end guys.

For me, I learnt some very cool css animations (for me). I feel that is very interesting as I have not touched that thing so much.

I was so happy with that. Once more week with this assignment and we will try our best to make it as perfect as possible.

2 thoughts on “Week 3 – What you hope to learn in CS3216?

  1. Did I really say “terrible”? O.o

    Well if I did, then obviously I did the right thing, it motivated all of you to learn how to design. And your app looks pretty good now. 😀

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