Week 3 – What you hope to learn in CS3216?

Week 3 has just ended and the deadline for assignment 1 is coming.

This is such a very bad week for our team after Colin gave us the comments on the current product. The UI is terrible! This seems to be unavoidable with a team of 4 back-end coders. And we started to read more about designing, how to choose the color, make animations, etc. And somehow the UI now looks quite OK. It is not perfect, of course; but quite good for 4 back-end guys.

For me, I learnt some very cool css animations (for me). I feel that is very interesting as I have not touched that thing so much.

I was so happy with that. Once more week with this assignment and we will try our best to make it as perfect as possible.

Week 2 – What you hope to learn in CS3216?

Week 2 has been gone so fast. Our team has completed a basic web application.

We are lucky to have Rahij in the team as he completed the skeleton so quickly and created a work flow in BitBucket for us. So that we could start the work soon and code independently.

For me, this week I mainly take the responsibility for the UI. Designing has never been my strength so it took me quite a lot of time recoding. However, I learnt quite a lot of something new, such as git stuffs, node.js, jade, css tricks, etc. And I am very happy with that. I will try my best to learn more and improve the application more.

What you hope to learn in CS3216?

I should not have the chance to write this blog as I failed applying for CS3216. However, just like a miracle, someone dropped and I was secured a slot for this module.

I am a CS student and I like coding. And the only module that satisfied this hobby was CS3217, where I got the chance to code a lot with numerous assignments and a very big project. I cannot deny that it was a terrible semester as I often had to code overnight; but I learnt a lot, and completed a real product.

After CS3217, CS3216 was the first thing I though about. Because I know that I will get the change to code and to learn a lot here. I know it will be another terrible semester, but I want to challenge myself one more time, as well as give me one more chance, to create something big. Moreover, this module is not just about a project and assignments, I see it something likes a start-up, with business stuffs. So besides numerous stuffs that I can learn, both technical and non-technical things, I believe this module will be a place where I can demo a real start-up, that will be very helpful for my future career.