The iCreate Mobility Challenge has come to a close. We thank all the participants for making it a huge success. They have put in great effort and time in building useful apps for the NUS community. Three cheers to the winners!




Ranking Team Name App Name Team Members  
1st Team Cephalopod DrawCast Sim Kern Cheh
Tan Zhi Rong
Yap Wei RongZhong Liying
2nd AppSynth Project-X Abbinayaa Subramanian
Achyut Potheri Balaji
Sesha Sendhil SubramanianVandhanaa Lakshminarayanan
3rd M3W GroupNotes Cheok Jianzhong Matthew
Liew Wee Keat
Sim XiangliWillyam Octavianus Sanusi
4th Team Trackers NUS Navigator Yaadhav Raaj  
5th AppSycos Questionus Amulya Khare
Chong Kwok Hoe, Ivan
Mohit Singh KanwalRajul Gupta

Congratulations, once again, to all iCreate winning teams!

If you are interested in developing apps to benefit the NUS community, and are keen to join in the excitement, look out for iCreate 2013, which will be announced later this year.