My Essay Writing Experience

During the course of this module, there were times where deadlines were tight amidst all my other modules and mid-terms, however, I was able to submit my assignments on time and thus, I feel that I have done well in that aspect. I used to have trouble finishing my essays as I tend to run out of things to write and through this module, I have learned how to craft out an essay outline before writing and search for additional materials so as to aid in my essay writing. While it is important to source for additional information, I learned that it is equally important for me to paraphrase these points if I were to incorporate them into my essay.

As the essay was on digital divide, I was quite confused on whether it was digital divide that caused the problems or the problems caused the digital divide. In the end, I opted to go with digital divide being a vicious cycle, where both the problems, such as poverty and digital divide affect each other. Adding on, I have not researched on this topic before and so I had spend some time trying to understand and research on the topic (mostly through the internet) before I could start writing on the essay. Also, although I tried to use the information from the excerpts adapted from van Dijk as I had trouble using most of the information in my essay. However, one of the main problem I still face is that I tend to stray away from my train of thoughts, such as linking back to the topic sentence and also, I had trouble evaluating my solutions. Therefore, the only way I can do the address the problem now is to continue to practice writing more essays and plan an essay outline before starting writing and stick with it.

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