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Week 1 Tutorial 1 – Importance of English language

(a) One or two of the most important “points” on your English language learning journey thus far. What did you do? Why were these points important?

English language is one the most widely-used language in the world right now and Singapore is also one of the many countries that uses the language as the main form of communication. Having grew up in Singapore, I have been in touch with the language for over 20 years now, and of course, during this journey, I have learned many invaluable lessons that had shaped my thinking of the language in a different way and there are definitely many reasons why English is such an important language in today’s world.

During this journey, I have learned that the English language is a much more vast language than most people think it is, especially in the world today. Without the knowledge of this language, one will definitely find it difficult to comprehend the concepts of science and technology, which uses the language to a very large extent. To add on, in Singapore, all subjects, only with the exception of Mother Tongue, uses the English language, and this alone shows how much we are heavily influenced and dependent on it. Even my parents and teachers have reminded me countless times the importance of the language and how much it would impact my future negatively if I was not able to master this language.

However, being proficient in the writing and understanding of the language is not enough, articulation is equally important too. First impressions of people are often made based on their ability to articulate well and conveying their point across to the other party. People who are unable to do so are often seen to be “uneducated”, “uncredible” or even a “laughing stock”. Therefore, it is almost not possible to survive well in today’s society, especially in Singapore, when one cannot master the ability to understand the language and at the same time, articulate well.

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