Rain and things you see if you have windows

Always, always, try to have windows at your office.

Some cynic-sorts will then ask you “Wah, so free, got time to look outside, meh?”

Before you let rip the very first word that comes into mind about what they should do in their own free time, take a moment to look out a window. Any window. 

At our temporary office, we have a whole bank of windows behind each row of cubicles.  TNL’s  set of windows faces Mochtar Riady Building. Not quite the most scenic of points but you get to see stuff :-). 

So on a rather rainy afternoon, TNL heard a little a-twitting and a-chirping. A bird was perched outside, sheltering from the rain and complaining how wet it is while sorting out his damp feathers.  


Now, tell me why we need windows again?

The exodus and settling in…

On 20 Apr, a bunch of us moved to our temporary office at Level 5, BIZ2 Building.

At 830am, our office at HSSML was starting to look deserted. Our glass-topped desks winked under the glare of the fluorescent lights.  Probably very glad from being freed of the years of cumulated clutter.exodus1
At the Basement of the library, our 2 “mei-nu” helped the OED movers to get our boxes of PCs, monitors, files and all sorts of stuff loaded on to the lorry.
Level 5, BIZ2 isn’t exactly the most accessible of places. The OED chaps had to stop the lorry near the BIZ guard post, unloaded all the boxes on to trolleys to be pushed right through the canteen to the set of staircases on Level 4.
At the foot of the staircase of Level 4, we unloaded all the boxes so that each of us took one box at a time up the stairs to Level 5. Uh-huh, there isn’t a lift.
After we got all our boxes in, we started settling down. The first thing that got set up was the clock!
And the first thing we discovered as we got ready to start work was… there was no network connection. Only one point had a network connection so only one IP phone worked. Here is Bizad School’s IT technical officer on the phone with Comp Centre trying to get our network connection up and running.
Suffice to say, we are settling down quite nicely now (although the printer is not quite working yet).

Librarians are moving to BIZ2 … temporarily

There is a saying about rats and ships but no, I shouldn’t even say it because it isn’t in our case.

No, siree. The library is still opened, Loans and Information Services are still offered and we are still going “Shhh….” because exams are coming.

It is just us librarians and library officers going off on our temporary sojourn at BIZ2, Level 5. Basically, we are getting ready for the renovation. Some of us had some misgivings about leaving our comfortable little office. But after a quick tour of our new abode (albeit a temporary one), we were rather taken. It is roomy (well, sort of elongated) and we have each a little cubicle of our own. So, really, we are looking forward to it.

The exodus starts tomorrow (20 Apr). Oh, we will be back, probably end of July. But hey, drop by for a chat, eh?