Saturday at a noisy place

It is Saturday and who has to be on duty at the library? Ugghh… the question should be why me.

It is not so much the Saturday duty bit but more the noise!

With all the pounding, the drilling – you would think the library would be the last place anyone would come to on  a Saturday. But no… as soon as it stopped raining, the people started sauntering in. 

And mind you, it ain’t a case of grab a book and leave. We have guys going straight for the computers to surf and print stuff. And they are still here.

With all the noise, the only thing TNL could do is to blog.  And blogging she has been, hasn’t she?

An update on Level 3

Check out the changes on Level 3.

This was before it all started.


This was just a little bit after.


And this is now. They have removed the blinds covering the skylight and windows. The sunshine is streaming in contrasting with the gloominess of the mangled ceiling and the bare, pockmarked floor.


This was the Quiet Room then.



The Quiet Room now.


They have also started digging out the garden.


Are we feeling sad about this? Those of us who are still with the library since it started in 1987 are. Memories seem to be flooding back as we looked at what Level 3 has become.

We remember one rainy Saturday afternoon many years ago, a waterfall of water cascaded all the way down the stairs from Level 3 to the Level 1. It was an amazing sight. But a worrying one too. We went up to Level 3 and found that the water was coming from the flooded garden. There was water everywhere, even in the Quiet Room soaking into the carpets.

So we got an umbrella each and whilst Cat held her umbrella over me, I used mine to poke around the grey, brackish water pool to find the drain. After several pokes and wondering whether we knew what we were doing, we suddenly heard a loud sucking noise. We instinctively leapt back. Water started swooshing, swirling right into the drainage hole. My umbrella had poked through the leaves clogging up the drainage hole. We coud not believe our eyes. The water level of the flooded garden started reducing so quickly.

Suffice to say, our work did not stop there. We had to pull out the squares of water-soaked carpets to dry as we were already imagining the smell of a water-soaked carpet in an enclosed room over the weekend. By the time we finished, we were worn out. Cat and I will never forget this episode of the flooded Level 3. Since then, our gardener has been diligently clearing all the drainage holes.

But I guess with our plans of putting the garden to a better use now, he need not do that anymore.

Level 3 – now you see, now you don’t…

So, Level 3 is closed, right? What has been happening there? 

For those with fond memories of the reading and skylight areas, here is a “before” pic:


Here is what is happening now. Tables that are still sturdy have been brought down to Level 1 and 2. The floors are stripped off its squares of carpets. The white strips you see on the floor are areas that did not have any glue because they were where the Bound Journals shelves used to stand. When HSSML started out, the Bound Journals collection was on Level 3.


Quiet Room with its private study cubicles then:


Quiet Room sans cubicles now:


All these tables and cubicles on Level 3 have gone to Level 1:



You see the red/white strip pulled right across the floor? We are blocking off the areas closest to the lift lobby.  As you know, lift lobbies on all 3 levels are closed as our workers move up and down with their equipment and whatnot.



All that hard work doesn’t mean we don’t have fun.

See how low can Sally go!


Don’t go, Sally, don’t go. We want to see how low you can go!


Lots of noise!

Yes, and lots and lots of it! Monday is THE day. The contractors will be coming in to move stuff, bring in more stuff and generally, doing lots of noisy work. Librarians will be running around to coordinate, help and the usual headless-chicken routine.

So, if peace and quiet is what you are looking for a blue-y Monday, you ain’t going to find it at our library.

These areas will be closed:
Level 3
Meeting Room on Level 2. Only Multimedia Room 2 will be opened for booking.
Lift lobbies on all floors. Access is by staircase nearest Loans Desk.

Sorry, folks. Change awaits us!