Thank you and farewell

Well, it looks like it is time for us to close our Reno blog. 

Renovations are mostly all done except for bits and pieces here and there.

Thank you for your patience and for tolerating the noise, dust and the incovenience.

We hope you are enjoying our newly-renovated library. See you and toodle-oo!


Why are there no toilets in our newly-renovated library?

Oh, we hear you. Toilets, power points, discussion rooms were all considered and worked into our plans.

But with toilets, the library’s infrastructure itself was the stumbling block. It was not just about adding toilets. It was creating piping systems and all sorts of systems in an old building which was not originally built to accommodate these.

So the next question was – why didn’t we have toilets in the first place?

Ah… you see, way back in 1987, the building built in memory of our former Minister of Finance, Mr Hon Sui Sen, included 3 areas:

• The library

• The Hon Sui Sen Auditorium

• The current MBA Student Lounge (opposite the library’s entrance)


The MBA Student Lounge was originally a large conference area intended to support any event held at the Auditorium. It was to be used as a refreshment area, exhibition area for posters and so on.

The toilets were located in the center of the building complex to serve all 3 areas.

You see, the building complex was designed such that the Auditorium was to be used for conferences, performances, events (Did you know there’s a dressing room behind the stage?). During breaks, participants would walk along the walkway at the side of the library to the conference area for their refreshments or to network or to the toilets.

It was prudent to centralise the toilets to serve people of all 3 areas.

The passage of time changed all these.

The most obvious was the utilization of the space of the conference area. It was first occupied by the Institute of Policy Studies, then, the Institute of South Asian Studies, then, the Bizad’s Career Services and now, the MBA Student Lounge.

And for the library… well, we have feedback that eventually led to the carving out of more space within the building itself for more discussion rooms, reading areas. And with more tables, we invested in more power points.

Opening day

22 Mar – the opening of our newly-renovated library.

But the library was bright and cheery in deep contrast to the rainy and gloomy day.




We hurried to get our RBR books up on the shelves.


And at about 830am, we had 2 students settling down to study.


At about 1pm, the 1st Storey Reading Area was filling up.


FINALLY – a newly-renovated library!

Mark that date – 22 Mar 2011. Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library opens its newly-renovated library.

Enter the library through a new entrance which is located sort of where the old entrance was.  Have a look:


This is the new Information Desk and next to it you see the RBR area.


This is the new RBR area. We are leaving the RBR books on the shelves for you to browse. So pick the RBR book you want to borrow and to borrow it, go to the RBR Desk located within the same RBR area.


Here is the new InfoCommons. You print your readings from the PCs and they get printed out at the network printers nearby at the corner of the room. No more running to the other end of the floor.


Last but not least, we have opened our Student Lounge in the Basement. Check it out.