2nd Storey opens 28 Feb!

Yes, we are finally opening at least 1 more floor – 2nd storey – on Monday, 28 Feb 2011. Yay!

The best part is 2nd storey is a huge area filled with tables, chairs and lots and lots of power points!

2nd storey closes at 930pm from Mon-Sat and at 4pm on Sun. 

Here are some pics of the 2nd storey. As we enter 2nd storey from the lift, this is what we see.  Discussion Room 12 is the glassed room on the left.


The Study Carrels and Quiet Room are at the far end. The doors of the carrels have been changed and we also renumbered the carrels. They start on the left with Study Carrel #1.  The Quiet Room is located at the corner where the old Computer Room was. Basically we have 2 Quiet Rooms in the library – 1 on 2nd strorey and 1 on 3rd storey.



Each table has power points.



We hope to get 1st storey ready soon. There is still much work to be done.

Enjoy the new study area!


From MRB to BIZ canteen

Oh yes, as some of you have already discovered, the hoarding blocking the passage way linking Mochtar Riady Building to the old BIZ1 and the canteen has been removed.


But our new library entrance remains closed as we have not completed the renovation on Level 1 yet. So please continue to use the temporary entrance at the Basement (pic below). Just follow the signs plastered all over the place.


Some more pics…

Chinese New Year is when literally all work stops. All work? Well, not quite. But most.

Most of our Chinese workers have gone home to celebrate CNY with their families. Some going to far-away China and some just across the Causeway to Malaysia. 

Here are the latest pics of Level 1 and 2. It is less busy now but you can see that quite a bit of work has been done.

This is our main entrance (just below the green Exit sign). You can see the glass walls are near-completion. And you can see right through to the MBA Student Lounge opposite us.


The new Information Desk is facing you. The wooden shelves that you barely see on the left are meant to “wrap around” 2 pillars on Level 1. These are to be the shelves for new books. We haven’t quite got the pillars ready yet. So, the shelves are just waiting around.


This is Level 2 with lots of tables which will have powerpoints mounted on them. The chairs just arrived.