Level 1 renovation begins

Once exams are over on 4/12/2010, Level 1 renovation will begin.

So, folks, note the stuff that is going to happen:

4/12/2010, Saturday – Lots of movement from Level 1 to Level 3 and Basement

  • All PCs (including Datastream and Bloomberg) to Level 3
  • Network printers to Level 3
  • Photocopiers to Level 3
  • Self-service borrowing machine to Level 3
  • RBR Books to Basement
  • Information and Loans Desks to Basement

5-8/12/2010 – Services closed temporarily

  • All PCs (including Datastream and Bloomberg)
  • Network printers

5/12/2010-9/1/2011 – Opening hours changes

Mon-Fri: 830am-6pm

Sat and Sun: Closed


6/12/2010-9 Jan 2011 – Temporary set-up

Library main entrance and Book Drop will be relocated to Basement. Follow the signs we will be putting up to get there.

If you are coming from the carpark, this is how you get there:

1. At the carpark barrier, turn right.


2. As you enter, proceed right.


3. As you come to a corner, turn left.


4. You will see the library’s temporary entrance (a set of glass doors) and the red Book Drop.


Other services moved to the Basement are:

  • Loans Desk – so bring the books you want to borrow from Level 3 to Basement if you want to borrow them.
  • Information Desk – come to this Desk for information.
  • RBR Books



Shhhh… can you hear?

Hear what? Nothing.

This week our contractors and workers have gone on a short hiatus. All work has to stop to allow you the peace and quiet to prepare for your exams.

There were a few glitches here and there, though.

The AV people came to test equipment in the Training Room and decided gamelan music would be nice to check on the quality of the audio system. Well, our students didn’t think so. Not during these weeks, anyway.

Some students were suggesting perhaps the swishing of sliding doors at the Quiet Room would not make the room quite so quiet. So we set the sliding doors to stay open.

Then, while we were fixing the doors, a sweet young thing came to us shyly to say perhaps we could fix the wall clock as well. Why?

Because it was ticking.

So we looked for one of our older clocks (which still ticks but perhaps not quite as loudly) for the Quiet Room.

Leaving the sliding doors opened was ok but this meant students in the Quiet Room could now here chatting students as they enter Level 3 from the lift lobby. So up went the signs in the lift lobby and on the connecting door.


Best wishes for the exams!

More rooms as study areas

We have opened 3 discussion rooms on both sides of Level 3 as study areas.  The old Multimedia Room 1 on Level 1 is also open as a study area.

As you come out from the lift lobby, look to the left (just after the Quiet Room). These rooms are now open as study areas.


Turn to the right after the lift lobby and you will see some discussion rooms.


As for the old Multimedia Room, it is now available as a study area.  For those of you who do not know where it is – it is at Level 1. Go towards the lift and as you get close to the bunch of PCs just before the lift lobby door, turn and you will see this (see below).

The Multimedia Room 1 is through the door in the middle.



Some things are temporary…

We have been receiving feedback about Level 3.

Level 3 is designed for discussion rooms, a training room and our collection of books and journals.

Level 2, on the other hand, is designed to have lots of tables and space to study and, thus, will have powerpoints, more wireless routers, etc. Since we moved the book and journal collections up to Level 3, we have a lot more space to add study tables to Level 2.

We are temporarily filling Level 3 with lots of tables and chairs so that more students could use the space to prepare for their exams. So Discussion Rooms 6-8 are packed with new tables and chairs for students to walk in and use these straightaway. These rooms are temporarily used as “open areas” instead of discussion rooms.

Likewise Level 1 is temporarily packed with lots of tables and cubicles.

Come 2011, Level 1-3 will be ready as they were designed.

Level 3 will be where you go to for your discussions, or to browse for books or journals or to attend a workshop on information searching.

Level 2 will be where you go to study and use your laptop and write.

Level 1 will be all the service points – borrowing and returning books, using the computers, printing, seeking help from the librarian, etc.

We have an additional area to give you – a student lounge in the Basement where you can relax and chat. We will be putting vending machines there.

We are excited with what the library will be like in 2011.

But our main concern now, during this transitional period, is to get spaces ready for you to use because of the exams. And to get our contractors to quickly get things done so that there is peace and quiet.

Major renovation will resume once exams are over and when you return next year, you will enjoy our lovely new library.

Please bear with us. We are sorry for all the incovenience.

Level 3 – more open areas

We opened up some more Discussion Rooms for you. They are 3 rooms on the other side of the shelves on Level 3.

We managed to get the new tables and chairs delivered so they are in the 3 rooms now. 

As exams are getting nearer, we are endeavoring to open up more rooms for you to use to study. So just walk right into the rooms and settle yourself down to comfortable chairs and clean new tables.