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Level 3 is open!

Level 3 is finally opened! All 5 Discussion Rooms and the tables outside are well-used. Not all rooms are not ready to be opened yet as we found that some works need to be done to drain water from the roof properly. Anyway, this is how Level 3 looks like now. We also moved our books […]

Level 3 opening… a little bit later…

Sorry folks, we are experiencing a bit of a challenge moving things around so Level 3 will be opened a day later – ie. 27 Oct, Wed. No, it doesn’t mean we are sitting around waiting for things to happen. We are clearing Level 2 of tables and chairs today. This is how Level 3 […]

25-29 Oct – lots happening and lots of noise

We are opening Level 3 on 26 Oct and closing Level 2 on 29 Oct. So here is what is going to happen: Level 2 25-28 Oct We are moving tables, chairs, the books and journals from Level 2 to Level 3.  So you can imagine the noise, the dust. Discussion Areas, Multimedia Room and […]

Level 3 is opening soon!

You still hear the drilling, thumping and generally, lots of noise! And you also saw the moving of trolleys of books and journals from Level 2 to goodness knows where. Yes, our contractors are working very hard to get Level 3 ready and we have started setting-up shelves there. And yes, this means the books and […]

Stay away from the glass window

That red set of sofa on Level 1 which students spread themselves on? Well, we removed them when we saw this. Uh huh. The crane was pratically kissing it. So to avoid any unpleasant and undesirable incidents, we decided to cordon off the area until they take the cranes away. You people using the printer […]