Level 3 is open!

Level 3 is finally opened! All 5 Discussion Rooms and the tables outside are well-used.

Not all rooms are not ready to be opened yet as we found that some works need to be done to drain water from the roof properly.

Anyway, this is how Level 3 looks like now. We also moved our books and journals from Level 2 to 3.


These are our Discussion Rooms.


This is Level 2 now sans books and journals. We are dismantling shelves to clear the area for renovation. Level 2 closes on Nov 1.


25-29 Oct – lots happening and lots of noise

We are opening Level 3 on 26 Oct and closing Level 2 on 29 Oct.

So here is what is going to happen:

Level 2

25-28 Oct

  • We are moving tables, chairs, the books and journals from Level 2 to Level 3.  So you can imagine the noise, the dust.
  • Discussion Areas, Multimedia Room and Sudy Carrls are still available for you to use. 

29 Oct

We close Level 2. Absolutely no access as renovation work will start. Discussion Areas, Multimedia Room, Study Carrels will not be available.

Level 3

Opens on 26 Oct! Yay!

5 Discussion Rooms are ready for you to use. Book them at Information Desk, Level 1.

We are working hard to get the rest of the Discussion Rooms and Quiet Room ready.

Here are some pics of  Level 3. Our boys are working at getting the Quiet Room and Discussion Rooms 9-11 ready.  We are going to fill the space you see in the middle with tables from Level 2. This will be temporary. Once Level 2 is ready, we will move the tables back down.


Here are the 5 Discussion Rooms you can use come 26 Oct. There used to be 4 rooms only. We carved an extra one out. You get fancy glass sliding doors, new whiteboards.


Level 3 is opening soon!

You still hear the drilling, thumping and generally, lots of noise! And you also saw the moving of trolleys of books and journals from Level 2 to goodness knows where.

Yes, our contractors are working very hard to get Level 3 ready and we have started setting-up shelves there. And yes, this means the books and bound journals from Level 2 will be going up to Level 3.

Most importantly, we do know that exams are coming and you need the peace and quiet. We are getting our fellas to get as much work done as they can so that they can stop all that noisy work soon. Please bear with us.

Here is what is happening at Level 3.

Remember Level 3 as it used to be?


This is Level 3 just after we put in the new carpet. The walls you see are temporary. The contractors were working on the Discussion Rooms on the other side and we didn’t want to get the nice, new carpet all dusty and dirty.


This is Level 3 with the shelves. We won’t be moving the books and journals up just yet.  So please continue to browse through our books on Level 2.


Remember the Quiet Room?


We removed the wall on the right….


Now it looks like this.


Then, there were the old Seminar Rooms (all 4 of them)…


Then, we started tearing things apart and created 5 rooms. All in all, we created 11 Discussion Rooms on Level 3. The other 6 rooms were carved out of the 2 roof-top gardens on both sides of Level 3.


Stay away from the glass window

That red set of sofa on Level 1 which students spread themselves on? Well, we removed them when we saw this. Uh huh. The crane was pratically kissing it.


So to avoid any unpleasant and undesirable incidents, we decided to cordon off the area until they take the cranes away. You people using the printer stations  – watch out for a crane (the mechanical sort)!


Why are the cranes there in the first place? Well, we are putting up some glass panes. Here is how they did it.

First, you prop the huge glass pane on a rack. Then, you get some huge octopussy glass suckers that is connected to a crane…


And you make sure the suckers grip the glass. The chap in the white T-shirt is the crane operator. The little black box slung in front of him is the remote control. Cool toy.


Then once all the suckers are secured, gently does it, hoist the glass pane off the rack.








When it gets up there, some guys on a little basket on the outside and some guys on the inside position the glass pane.


Then the fellas on the inside use smaller octopussy suckers to position it properly.


So after putting in all the glass panes, you have this. What lies behind these glass panes? Ahhh… tune in for pics of your brand spanking new Discussion Rooms.