The librarians are back

Yes, we are back at our old office at the library on Level 1.  Some of you have paid us a visit. That’s nice.

We have enjoyed our little sojourn at BIZ2 Level 5. Thanks very much to the good graces and hospitality of our School of Business administrators.

So it is back to the noise, the dust. But we have our students, right?

Student Lab

Something odd is going on.

Some students can’t log on to PCs at our library. There seems to be a domain problem which we cannot isolate as some new and 2nd-3rd year students are experiencing it but not all the time. We have reported this to our IT support folks. Please bear with us while this is sorted out.

Meanwhile, how about trying the Student Lab at BIZ2? It has lots of PCs and network printers. Here is how to get there from HSSML.

1. You know the MBA Students Lounge directly opposite HSSML’s main entrance? Well, there is a set of staircase going up. Climb it.

2. Just one level above it, you will see a wheel chair ramp. Climb that. Turn right.


3. Walk towards LT18.stulab2

4. When you pass the last door marked LT18, you will see a set of “open air” staircase. Climb that and turn right.stulab3


5. Turn right and head towards a wooden  door.

6. Enter. You are in a stairwell. Head upstairs to Level 4. In betweeen Level 4 and 5, you will see a set of metal staircase in front of you and a sign that directs you to the Student Lab.stulab6

 7. Scan your matric card to get access.stulab8

8. The Student Lab is on your right as you enter.




It is back to the swing of the semester

We are happy when our students return from their vacation. Happier when we get new students.

This semester we are particularly anxious.

The library’s renovation is not completed and Level 3 and the lift lobbies are still closed.  We are getting the contractors to be on schedule but yet making sure it doesn’t get noisy nor dusty. Striking this balance is essential.  And we are endeavoring to do so.

Let us put things in perspective.  Ultimately, we look forward to a library that has a lot more discussion rooms, a social area, better facilities and a cooler place to hang out. 

So please bear with us a little longer.  And we look forward to celebrating a lovely renovated library with you.