Level 2 update – all’s ok now

You know the deluge we were praying for? Hey! We didn’t do this:


Anyway, we checked Level 2 during yesterday’s downpour and all looks ok. The plastic sheets are still covering the book shelves. We are still being very cautious. These are books, after all.

So if you need to retrieve any books from those shelves, please approach our staff.

Level 2 – some areas are closed

Well, what a bit of hoo-ha that came with the downpour this morning!

We discovered that there was a very bad leak on Level 2 – and get this – right between 2 shelves of books. Barely missing the books. It was so bad that the ceiling boards were crumbling falling in bits and pieces all over the carpet. But it was the books we were more concerned with. So calls were made to contractors, etc and plastic sheets were quickly used to cover the books. TNL does not have to tell you what happens when you even one book wet. Man… what a nightmare!

We went up to Level 3 to see what was happening. There were pools of water every where since they removed the windows. The question was where was the crack or holes that were allowing all this water to enter Level 2? Marcus (a very young recently graduated engineer from the agency working on the renovation) came by. He got the workers to remove the ceiling boards and moved tables out of the way. The worst case scenario would be to relocate the books from those 2 rows. But move them where? We were noticing spots of water dotting some other parts of Level 2 as well.

Anyhow, Marcus managed to identify the crack on Level 3 and got that cemented by late morning. Andrew came around with more plastic sheets to cover our books. So what now? We are keeping the plastic sheets on and monitoring the leaky area and the whole Level 2 ceiling area.

Then it occurred to us that hey, what happens when Sunday comes around and there’s a downpour? And the library closed with nobody to notice or call for help?

Let’s just hope it pours tomorrow and in the next few days so that we could see if there are any areas that need patching up. We don’t want to get a rude shock when we open the library on Monday.  

Anyway, all you people looking forward to lovely, dry days ahead for your golf game or picnic – Ha! Too bad, we are praying for rain – and not your wimpy, listless drizzle but the whole Great Flood, Noah’s Ark kind of deluge.

Let me tell you what I am getting…

I wasn’t really going to say anything – you know, like spring a little surprise or something… But when it comes to all good things, TNL is bursting at the guts to share (not a pretty sight, mind you).

We are getting a training room! Ok, ok, it isn’t that big a deal for you jaded sorts. But to old TNL who has always gone a-begging for time slots in Comp Labs around the vicinity to run her information literacy programmes (for those who don’t know, we teach students how to search for information for their assignments), her very own Training Room is like manna from heaven. Imagine – no more begging while keeping fingers, toes and eyes crossed, hoping we are not sidelined just because someone is clueless about information literacy or when a thousand and one more “important” things precede you.

The plan for a Training Room is there. It is going to be on Level 3. We know how many PCs, etc. But somehow, seeing it come into fruition seems to be a long process of choices and more choices dependent on lots and lots of people. Each of them having the power, the money or the clout to move or remove things. Hey, anyone can tell you – TNL has the patience of a saint. But even saints are plagued with doubts (good old Peter thought he couldn’t walk on water). So TNL tells herself to keep focusing on the goal and to complete the race.

Whatever that happens along the way such as having money only for screens but not the projecter (which makes you want to scream) are learning experiences that dot the landscape. TNL chooses to enjoy the landscapes – chuckling at the absurdness of situations and being thankful for the people who haven been supportive and understanding.  And of course, chronicling what is happening…

Remember Level 3 as it was?slightbfore2

We knocked down the wall dividing Level 3 and the cooling tower area. In the days of yore, we had a cooling tower to run our airconditioning. But now the airconditioning system is centralized, thus, the cooling tower had been dismantled.


The cooling tower area which is visible from the outside will be our Training Room (hurray!).  This is a shot from the BIZ2’s Level 5’s Function Room. Haha! See, TNL can now keep an eye on things from her temporary office and give you pics of the progress.