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Level 2 update – all’s ok now

You know the deluge we were praying for? Hey! We didn’t do this: Anyway, we checked Level 2 during yesterday’s downpour and all looks ok. The plastic sheets are still covering the book shelves. We are still being very cautious. These are books, after all. So if you need to retrieve any books from […]

Level 2 – some areas are closed

Well, what a bit of hoo-ha that came with the downpour this morning! We discovered that there was a very bad leak on Level 2 – and get this – right between 2 shelves of books. Barely missing the books. It was so bad that the ceiling boards were crumbling falling in bits and pieces […]

Let me tell you what I am getting…

I wasn’t really going to say anything – you know, like┬áspring a little surprise or something… But when it comes to all good things, TNL is bursting at the guts to share (not a pretty sight, mind you). We are getting a training room! Ok, ok, it isn’t that big a deal for you jaded […]