Librarians are moving to BIZ2 … temporarily

There is a saying about rats and ships but no, I shouldn’t even say it because it isn’t in our case.

No, siree. The library is still opened, Loans and Information Services are still offered and we are still going “Shhh….” because exams are coming.

It is just us librarians and library officers going off on our temporary sojourn at BIZ2, Level 5. Basically, we are getting ready for the renovation. Some of us had some misgivings about leaving our comfortable little office. But after a quick tour of our new abode (albeit a temporary one), we were rather taken. It is roomy (well, sort of elongated) and we have each a little cubicle of our own. So, really, we are looking forward to it.

The exodus starts tomorrow (20 Apr). Oh, we will be back, probably end of July. But hey, drop by for a chat, eh?

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