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Renovation begins 10 May

Yes, folks, right after the exams, renovation will begin. So from 10 May 2010 right up till 31 July 2010, expect the noise, the vibrations, the dust….just don’t expect the library to be quiet anymore. But it is still business as usual. So come borrow your books or check out the new books we will […]

The exodus and settling in…

On 20 Apr, a bunch of us moved to our temporary office at Level 5, BIZ2 Building. At 830am, our office at HSSML was starting to look deserted. Our glass-topped desks winked under the glare of the fluorescent lights.  Probably very glad from being freed of the years of cumulated clutter. At the Basement of the library, our 2 “mei-nu” […]

Librarians are moving to BIZ2 … temporarily

There is a saying about rats and ships but no, I shouldn’t even say it because it isn’t in our case. No, siree. The library is still opened, Loans and Information Services are still offered and we are still going “Shhh….” because exams are coming. It is just us librarians and library officers going off on our […]

Lots of moving around…

If you see workers moving around bringing all sort of shelves, furniture and goodness-knows-what-you-can-find-in-an-old-library up to Level 2, it’s because they ARE moving around helping us store away all sorts of goodness-knows-what. Yup, we are clearing the Basement (you didn’t know we had one? Well, we do) out so that the contractors can start getting the […]