Another one bites the dust…

cashcardtopupWell, ok, it’s isn’t just because it’s old… but really, we are preparing for new services to come so the Cashcard Top-up machine in that little corner of Level 1 has to go. But that does not mean you can’t top-up your cashcards anymore.


There are 2 places you could rely on the Photocopying Room (Level 1) and the “little blue hut” at Car Park 12 (between HSSML and BIZ2 Building).

The Photocopy Room opens from 9am-9pm weekdays and Saturdays and 10am-4pm on Sundays and public holidays.

And as for the “little blue hut”, well, it’s always there.






Now, what’s with letting the “old” go? Hey, there are few “olds” around, mind you, and TNL should be severely offended if management should let the old girl go (well, not just yet, anyway).

Oh, the Cashcard Top-up machine works… barely. Whenever, there is something wrong with it and we quote its model number to the service fellas, the response will inevitably be, “Ha? The machine purple color one? Wah, you still using this one. Aiyo, put in museum already lah.. Ok, ok, ok, I see what I can do….” The “see what I can do” bit will usually take… well… quite a bit.

 So we thought let’s just put it to rest and use that little corner for something that is much needed in this mobile and digital day and age. Watch out for developments!

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