Now you see it, now you don’t

hcp1Recognise this? Our current journals in their sunny yellow boxes on their low shelves at Level 1 …before the move to their new location.

Here’s a bit of trivia. I don’t know whether you have noticed (well, it is not so apparent now since the shelves are gone)…  shelves on Level 1 have always been only about 5ft high. They don’t tower above the average librarian. You see, when we first designed HSSML way back then, we wanted library users who enter Level 1 to feel the free-ness and breadth of space, unencumbered by the physical. We continue with this belief when we were planning for our renovation.


Our colleagues removed the yellow boxes with the current journals and also the red boxes of annual reports (these were originally located behind the current journals) leaving the empty shelves ready for removal.


The shelves are removed, leaving the “tulang” (Malay for “bones”). Did you know that when HSSML started, all our shelves were custom-made by a Danish firm? The quality of the shelves is so good that they never gave us any problems. We have had visiting librarians asking to contact the Danish firm to get similar shelves but alas, the firm no longer exists.
Will this be it? No, we will be using all this space to present to you an environment that has light, lightness, expanse and freedom – in keeping with the belief we started out with – an experience of space and unemcumbrance as you enter the library.

This is the new home of our current journals and annual reports on Level 2. Current journals are on the first set of shelves as you enter Level 2 from the lift lobby. Just behind the current journals are the bound journals. At last, our new and old journals are finally placed together. The annual company reports in their red boxes are just behind the current journals.

Time for a change


Yes, your business library is going to be renovated!

Now, who says librarians don’t like change. With a fancy, spanking new BIZ1 building all tall and glassy standing erect in front of  us, can you blame us for wanting a little bit of the fancy? But you know us librarian types, practical sorts we are. So with what little we have we went for the carving out of space to give you more discussion rooms and social areas.
Renovation will be in 2 phases:
Phase 1 – Basement (bet you didnt know we had one) and Level 3 (May-Aug 2010)
Phase 2 – Level 1 (the entrance floor) and Level 2 (Nov 2010-Jan 2011)

So we will keep you updated on the changes at this blog and also on our notice board and the LCD panel (at the Loans Desk). Watch out for them.