If you have electric and electronic devices in your home and you live in a landed property, you need a surge protective device to protect them from sudden power spikes. A surge protector is a device that helps protect electric and electronic devices from power spikes and surges. While power spikes only occur when there is a temporary change in voltage, surges last longer. With spikes and surges, you don’t have to worry about their effects on bigger appliances. If you aren’t careful, they may affect some components in your electronic equipment.

How does it protect a switchboard from lightning strikes from surging power?

A surge protective device has the ability to limit excessive power voltages on the electric distribution network. That includes any extra power introduced into the circuit by lightning. It works by limiting excessive voltages or diverting surge current or both. Its functionality largely depends on how it’s made. A surge protective device is made such that the main power line (live wire or hot wire) has an extra connection that’s linked to the earth wire. When there is a surge, any excess or unwanted power is sent through this path safely into the earth.

In a surge protective device, there is a component known as a metal oxide varistor (MOV). It is this part of the surge protector that helps divert any extra voltage. The parts of an MOV are a metal oxide and two semiconductors. The resistance in the semiconductors changes as the voltage changes. Voltage below a certain level makes the electrons in the semiconductor to flow in a manner that creates high resistance. At the correct voltage, the MOV remains largely inactive. At very high voltage, the MOV conducts a lot of currents so as to get rid of the extra voltage.

The act of diverting the extra current into the MOV and the ground ensures the voltage in the live wire returns to normal. That makes the resistance in the MOV to shoot up once again. This ensures that the only current that’s diverted is that resulting from the surge while the standard current keeps flowing into your home. The MOV in a surge protective device is like a pressure sensitive valve that opens up when there is too much pressure.

Why is it important to install a surge protective device?

If you have ever heard the sound of thunder, you would agree that it comes about due to massive amount of energy. It’s lightning that leads to thunder. By its nature, lightning contains huge amounts of electric energy being released in a split second. When lightning strikes in your home, all that energy has to be directed somewhere. When this excessive electric current goes through your home’s electricity system, it is likely to damage or completely destroy any electrical items you have plugged in. some people may want to prevent damage to their property by unplugging everything before the storm. While that is effective, having a surge protective device installed in your home is the best solution.

There are many brands of surge protection devices out there. One brand that is very popular is Mersen.

If you have been looking for a way to protect your appliances from excessive electric current try using a surge protective device. You will discover your computers are protected too. Why should you stop working simply because they are damaged?