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Month: October 2017

Sealex Modified PU makes longer-lasting seals

If you have work for which you need a durable sealant, working with Sealex is what you should do. With this, you have a product of the best technology available. Unlike other sealants, it employs the use of polyurethane which is an elastomeric material of the highest quality. Many sealants have lots of shortcomings including bubbling, swelling, and sensitivity to moisture-causing delamination. The modified PU used to make Sealex ensures it never succumbs to these shortcomings. According to this site, it is a non-bubbling, non-swelling, and non-shrinking sealant that can be used in conditions with lots of moisture. That’s why you can be sure to get the perfect sealing you have been looking for.

One of the selling attributes of Sealex Modified PU is that it is environmentally-friendly. It contains no solvent and complies with LEED safety standards. You are safe working with this product. After using it in the home, there is no reason why one should have a problem living there. As the emphasis shifts to eco-friendly products, Sealex should be at the top of everyone’s minds. The fact that it’s resistant to all types of weather conditions makes it good enough to require little to no maintenance. That’s why it is considered a longer lasting sealant.

Most sealants have multiple applications but Sealex stands out when it comes to this attribute. You may want to use it as an adhesive and sealant for many residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Think of anywhere you need a permanently flexible seal or joint and you know where to use Sealex. In fact, most of the places where it is used are those that need really durable materials. Sealex can be used in applications such as:

  • Heating vacuum and air conditioning systems.
  • Metal building and construction.
  • Making concrete joints.
  • Joining metal and aluminum panels.
  • General waterproofing and sealing.
  • Roofing and gutter systems.
  • General industrial applications.
  • Windows and doors perimeters.

As a sealant, Sealex comes with a number of benefits that make it the longer-lasting sealant it is. We love it because of the following:

  • It is a non-bleeding and non-stain sealant.
  • It is made from modified polyurethane adhesive which makes it longer lasting.
  • The technology employed to make it ensures it contains no solvents and isocyanates.
  • It is highly-resistant to weathering and degradation.
  • It cures very fast thus reducing the time for its application.
  • It is eco-friendly since it complies with LEED and VOC standards.
  • Sealex is made to meet the highest international standards.
  • The sealant joints neither swell nor shrink.
  • It causes no oil stains in panels and porous materials.
  • The technology used to make Sealex ensures it is UV resistant so that it can be used outdoors for longer periods of time.
  • It is not affected by water and moisture, making it a versatile material to work with.
  • It allows you to finish off your work by painting on it.

As a sealant with wide-ranging applications, Sealex works well on an array of materials. You may use it with granite, plastics, ceramics, porcelain, marble, PVC, wood, glass, metals, porous surfaces, and painted surfaces.

Why Nippon Paint is the paint to use

Nippon Paint

Very few paint brands in the world can match the quality provided by Nippon Paint. As a multi-functional product, Nippon provides you with solutions for an array of painting needs. Whether you are painting concrete walls or your wooden furniture, think Nippon first. It is not for nothing that Nippon is the number one paint in Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The following are the reasons why you should use Nippon Paint from now onwards:

High Coverage

Whichever surface you have in mind, the paint you use should cover an area as wide as possible. Nippon Paint has a high coverage, which will enable you to pay less as well as reducing the painting time. That serves you well when you are not only operating on a budget or working on a huge project. What makes Nippon stand out in this aspect is its unique composition which ensures you use little paint for maximum results.

Ease of application

When you have a paint you can easily apply on a surface, you not only save time but also the cost of labour. That means it should be smooth enough to work with any applicator including a brush or roller, just like Nippon Paint. Thick paint will lead to lots of time wasted.


Nippon Paint is resistant against wiping, friction, and scratching. It’s for these reason that car brands in Japan can’t have enough of it. Nippon Paint certainly stands the test of time. It comes with all the buffers and preservatives to make it retain its colour over time. Its chemical formulation ensures the prevention of fungus and mucus developing on its surface.


One of the reasons why people love Nippon Paint is because it produces a uniform and consistent film when applied on a surface. Take the car paint which brings out the gloss, brightness, and smoothness you are looking for. Even for paints meant for other surfaces, it only takes proper mixing to get the best results.

Aesthetic Appeal

Regardless of what you are painting, the most expected outcome is that you enhance its beauty. That’s one aspect that Nippon Paint is meant to give its users. They have an array of bold and stable colours for you to choose from. If you are painting inside your house, you want a pigment that’s appealing to you and your family as well. You should be able to feel comfortable inside your house, don’t you think?


Most people who use Nippon Paint like it because it doesn’t catch stains when touched. In addition, it is easy to clean any surface painted with this product.

Practicality and cost-effectiveness

Being a major brand in parts of Asia, Nippon Paint is popular among its users because of being affordable. Many people find it to be fast colouring, long-lasting, and ready-to-use. These attributes make it a good investment when it comes to your paint works.

The many different types of Nippon Paint

With Nippon Paints, you will get an array of products to give you a wide range of finishes. Having a great paint doesn’t mean merely choosing your preferred color. Nippon Paint has anticipated all your paint needs and provided just what you need for every job. Expect anti-bacterial paints, easy to wash coatings, and some which protect your family from harmful insects. Here are the many different types of Nippon Paint you are likely to encounter:

Nippon Paint MozzieGuard

Nippon Paint MozzieGuard

Nippon Paint MozzieGuard

You have a chance to end the mosquito in the interior of your room using Nippon MozzieGuard. The polymer has an insecticide encapsulated inside so as to knock down mosquitoes on contact. With this, you have a safe and convenient solution to fight mosquitoes in your home. What more could you ask for?

Nippon Paint Odour-less

Nippon Paint Odour-less

Nippon Paint Odour-less

Are you one of the people who cannot just withstand the smell of wet paint? Not many paints are composed without the volatile organic compound, which is a heavy-scented chemical. Nippon Paint stands out when it comes to this aspect. The odour-less variant contains so little of the chemical that it produces very minimal odour. It will work for you is you are sensitive or have some form of allergy to paint odour.

There are two variants of this odourless paint including the Easywash and medifresh. The Easywash type provides greater wash-ability for the surfaces in your home. On the other hand, the Medifresh variant provides active protection against bacteria, mildew, and mold. That way, it ensures you don’t get unwanted odours in the long run.

Nippon Paint Easy Wash

Nippon Paint Easy Wash

Nippon Paint Easy Wash

You don’t have to repaint your walls to remove dirt and stains. With Nippon Paint Easy Wash you get a washable painted surface that enables you easily wash your walls. What makes of further stand out is its minimal odour. It is also water-based, stain resistant, and provides an elegant sheen finish.

Nippon Three-In-One Medifresh

Nippon Three-In-One Medifresh

Nippon Three-In-One Medifresh

There are certain types of bacteria you may want to target in your home. However, not all anti-bacterial paints are affable when it comes to eliminating unwanted germs. The three-in-one Medifresh ensure your home is rid of harmful bacteria including E-coli, MRSA, and Staphylococcus Aureus. It works well for hygiene-conscious parents who want to provide their kids with a clean environment for better health. It doesn’t just ensure that you have a clean home environment, but also one that’s fresh and healthy.

Nippon Vinyl Silk

Nippon Vinyl Silk

Nippon Vinyl Silk

Use the Vinyl Silk when you need a paint that leaves your walls feeling soft and silky-smooth. It is an easy to apply water-based paint that sticks onto your walls very easily. It resists fungus and algae thus preventing your walls from becoming stained and smelly. If you are looking for a long-lasting, bacteria free alternative, what you need is three-in-one Medifresh.

Nippon Paint Vinilex 5000

Nippon Paint Vinilex 5000

Nippon Paint Vinilex 5000

One of the reasons for painting your home interior is to protect the wall surfaces from damage. The Vinilex 5000 comes in more than 1000 colours to give you a smooth matt finish. Use this paint if your walls need a basic paint that can withstand the test of time. Nippon Paint has specially designed the Vinilex 5000 to last long even as it gives you good coverage in terms of color.

Keep your office clean | Storage Boxes | Toyogo

5 tips to keep your office environment clean

Working in a clean environment has a positive impact on productivity. Any form of disorganization will affect your employees’ motivation. In order to maintain a sparkling clean working environment and professionalism, the following tips will help.  Adherence to them will ensure your office space is organized and in top form, leading to increased output.

Organise your files properly

All items should be properly stored. Consider using of filing cabinets, shelves or storage cabinets. These will neatly store all the items needed in the office. You can get cheaper products at Toyogo. For those of you who are busy and can’t go down to their store, you can also shop for toyogo products online.  There are storage containers of all sizes which get cheaper when you in bulk. Designate each container or shelf for a specific purpose to help store all your office stuff in order and avoid cluttering.  Shopping for these office cleaning supplies will help your budget.

Get rid of what you don’t need.

This tactic will amazingly keep your office clutter minimally.  Remove from your desk all items that you don’t need. Keep them in a box and ensure that the desk has all the items that are required.  Also, make it a routine to clean your office to prevent the mess from building up. Advise all the staff to keep their desks decluttered and clean to reduce chances of germs and dust building up.  Remove from your site any item that has not been used for a week.  Through this, the office will tidy always. This is crucial for your health and productivity.

Don’t eat from your desk

Try as much as possible not to eat from your desk. This will reduce chances of food accumulation in your working place. Taking a lunch break is important as it will ensure increased productivity and reduced germ accumulation. In case you can’t manage to take the break, buy disinfectant wipers that will help clean up the workplace after eating. The wipes are an easy way to sanitize a workplace and prevent the spread of illness and germs.

Minimize on paper use

Reduction of paper flow or completely stopping the flood will save your office a big deal. Printing of email, forms, and receipts will build up clutter in the office. Reduce the number of paper reports and memos and embrace the use of online programs and apps to save your information. Encourage your colleagues to embrace it. This will not only create a paper -free environment but also a kind one, conducive for work.

Encourage hand wash

Germs can easily be passed on through dirty hands. Make it a habit to clean your hands. Everyone in the office should understand the importance of doing this.  Most infectious diseases are passed on through touch.  You can also include a touchless dispenser for soap both in the kitchen and toilet to reduce germ transmission and improve the general hygiene in the office.

If you follow the tips above, your workplace will be kept clean, you will save time and cut down on your budget. This will increase productivity.
If you are looking for Hardware Products, search at eezee. I have found them to be affordable, easy to search and I managed to buy everything that I need on their platform.

4 Best Performing Sealants

Sealants come in handy when you want to block the passage of fluids through the surface, openings or joint of materials. In short, a sealant acts as a mechanical seal. They can also be used to block sound, dust, and heat transmission. The following are the four best performing sealants:


This is a renowned brand which is part of the Henkel portfolio.  Its adhesives and sealants are unique and durable because it uses anaerobic technology.  Many machines and industries prefer these products. This brand engages in developing next-generation materials ranging from consumer applications, industrial, handhelds, wearable as well as emerging electrical.

Loctite brand is known for its quality, reliability, and high performance. It has a broad portfolio of materials such as surface mount adhesives, encapsulates. High- performance solder solutions, thermal management material, CSP underfills as well as board protection materials are provided.

Solder products are among the most trusted and this has earned many industry awards. Through these products, the electronic market has been able to carry solder processes that are lead-free, halogen-free and highly reliable.  There has been the improved yield in the assembly processes that are more stable and reliable. Products such as the non-aqueous Loctite ODC-Free Cleaner & Degreaser and the medium strength, low viscosity LOCTITE THREADLOCKER 542.


Sealex is a sealant brand from Japan that deals with chemicals which include adhesives and sealants.  There are also sealing machines which are mostly used in construction and transportation. Its adhesives include hot melt and double component adhesives. The brand uses high technology during manufacture and application. This ensures that the products are more durable and reliable.  The products have been used in numerous applications in a variety of industries including commercial weatherproofing, metal building, roofing, industrial, food handling and transportation. It offers products that meet the required specification and market demands. Products that are well known are the SEALEX PU Sealant Zota that is made of modified PU. Modified PU allows for longer lasting seals.


This brand offers products that meet the demands of both consumers, industries and construction companies. It offers a variety of products ranging from sealants, assembly adhesives chemical anchors, adhesives, and accessories. The products that fully satisfy the needs of customers and have minimal impact on the environment. The brand is committed to ensuring quality in their manufacturing and selling processes. Quiadsa has a highly qualified team that helps in technical development and research.  This has enabled the brand to offer constant to consumers on various formulations, applications, and packaging.

In addition to standard products, there is personalized attention offered to customer orders.  Their products are developed to meet the needs and specification of clients. One of their best performing product is the Quiadsa Fija Plus Turbo.

According to this page, Quiadsa Fija Plus Turbo is build for today demanding sealing and bonding requirements where instant grab of 3 Sec, ultra-fast drying in 20 min, with a traction load holding of up to  400 kg. Whats more it is an solvent free sealant adhesive meaning no smell, able to seal and bond most of the building material thanks to the new generation Ms polymer technology today.


This company offers a comprehensive range of products that over a wide range of tasks. The sealants can be used by households, construction companies or even industries. These products include adhesives, surface finishing products, and sealants. The sealants are manufactured to meet sales and marketing demands which features in their presentation and price. They specialize in developing and manufacturing sealants that are professional and first class.  The trade expertise helps in the innovation of industry products.  They possess comprehensive manufacturing experience and capabilities. Development investment and research have made the brand to be ranked among top brands internationally.

It is easy to find the best sealants if you visit the following brands. The sealants produced are reliable, environment-friendly and durable.  The technical team ensures that the products meet the demands of the consumers, industries, and construction.

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