End of Semester KTV Grad Party

Last Sunday, we had a small grad party at Liang Court Party World to regale in the wonderful singing talents of our fellow grad students with a end of semester KTV party. Seven of us were in attendance with a repertoire of english, mandarin, hindi and japanese songs! To round off the evening was a nice dinner at a japanese restaurant in the quasi japanese enclave.

Pardon the grainy photos but taken with a poor camera phone, that was the best I could come up with! Anybody with nicer photos are most welcome to contribute! Thanks!

Sarah Moser shares post-election photos from MIT

One of our PhD graduate students, Sarah Moser, who has recently completed her dissertation and who is now at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in USA, sends us some post-US election photos. Granted this post is rather belated as she sent them a month ago after the Nov 4, 2008 election where President Elect Obama won the elections.

She wrote:

The elections were very exciting here… people went nuts when Obama won. Here are some photos of our evening after the results were announced:

Sarah is currently doing a postdoc at MIT, specifically examining the trend of ‘Islamicization’ in Malaysia and Indonesia and how it is manifested in new cities there (e.g. Putrajaya and Senggarang in Riau Islands). While it’s different from her Ph.D. research, it also draws on some of the same themes such as the construction of national identity in Southeast Asia.

Thanks Sarah! Hope you’re surviving the North American winter well after all these years in tropical southeast asia!

Mumbai burning- 29th November, 2008

Media images of terrorists at Mumbai as captured off security cameras at the Mumbai Railway. Source: dotcompals

Our PhD graduate student from India, Kanchan Gandhi, offers her thoughts on the recent tragedy in her homeland.

I have been glued to my TV for the last two days following the news of the Mumbai attacks. It is very shocking and painful to see my country bleeding regularly due to terrorist attacks. Two and a half months ago when I was in India – a bomb blast occurred near my house in Delhi on September the 13th. I think continuously – “Who are these people? What do they want? Why do they kill innocent people? Why doesn’t the supreme power punish them? Why does there have to be so much violence and bloodshed?”

It makes me think of Chris Philo’s 2005 article on the “Geographies that wound” where he emphasises on the “interconnected geographies (and histories) through which vectors of blame might be traced, but also on questions arising about how to ‘treat’ the wounds of the vulnerable” (Philo, 2005:441). Every time a communal riot or a terrorist attack takes place in the region – the wounds of the 1947 partition are torn open. Are we still paying the price of our colonisers’ infamous “divide and rule” policy or the price of the decisions of political leaders from the past and the present? Why does this wound not get healed? What is the larger context of the non- healing of this wound? Philo further posits that while some wounds are treated, others are left unattended to fester. Indeed the repeated attacks in India are examples of untreated wounds that open afresh with every terror attack.

Wondering who’s going to AAG 2009?

If you are looking for traveling companions and roommates, well this list should help! A quick search on the AAG website shows the following names from NUS:


  • Henry Wai-chung Yeung “Growing Up and Beyond: Asian Firms and the Demise of the Developmental State”
  • Zhang Jun “Networked Globalization and Concentrated Dispersion: The Spatial Coevolution of Venture Financing and Technological Innovation in China”
  • Chen-Chieh Feng “Exploring Meaning Differences of Mandarin and Russian Landscape Categories”
  • Harvey Neo “Impacts of FDI on the Polish pig industry”
  • Carl E.R. Grundy-Warr “Forms of (Re)Construction within Conflict: Burma’s Fragmented Geo-Body and Alternative Geographical Imaginings of Space, Identity and Politics”
  • David L. Higgitt “Constructing Sediment Budgets for Forested and Urban Streams in Singapore”

  • Post-Doctoral Fellow

  • Sarah Starkweather “Raising Extraterritorial Citizens: American Families Abroad in the 1970s”
  • PhD Candidates

  • Diganta Kumar Das “Creating Hi-tech Hyderabad: Restructured city, fractured space”
  • David Tantow “Malay heritage in Singapore – the Kampong Glam ethnic district”
  • Kanchan Gandhi “Negotiating Rehabilitation in a Tsunami Affected Village”
  • Master Candidates

  • Ng Li Na “Geography of commodity markets: Oil trading”
  • Fred Chye Meng Ong “Singapore-style cosmopolitanisms from below: Dispositions and competencies towards male foreign workers in public spaces”
  • J J Zhang “Of Kaoliang, bullets and knives: Local entrepreneurs and the battlefield tourism enterprise in Kinmen (Quemoy), Taiwan”
  • November Peng Ting Tan “Producing “Ethical Food” in the Singapore-Malaysia Vegetable Trade System”
  • If you have been worried that nobody was going, think again. It’s still not too late to join us in Las Vegas since the deadline has now been postponed to 13 Nov 2008.