Publication of the Month: July 2016

Secular space, spiritual community and the hybrid urbanisms of Christianity in Hong Kong and Singapore
Daniel PS Goh

International Sociology
Church and Temple, from the SRN’s SG Photobank at

This article seeks to explain the rapid growth of evangelical Christianity in Hong Kong and Singapore over the last few decades in the adaptation of Christianity to the secular urbanization experienced in the two cities. The author argues that Christian responses involve both the innovation of Christian territorial practices to meaningfully navigate and engage the planned city as well as community practices seeking to produce place-bound Christian community life. The author shows that the innovation was driven by the postcolonial aspirations of Christians reacting to state-led urbanization to resolve decolonization crises in the 1970s and 1980s. Local churches with differing theological beliefs experimented with various hybrid territorial-community spatial practices adapted to the respective urban contexts. When urban redevelopment was intensified by the respective states to transform Hong Kong and Singapore into global cities, the Christians contributed and participated in the reurbanization and globalization of the two cities.

Goh, D PS, “Secular Space, Spiritual Community and the Hybrid Urbanisms of Christianity in Hong Kong and Singapore”. International Sociology, (2016). (United Kingdom).
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