Publication of the Month: April 2015

Neoliberal Health Organizing: Communication, Meaning, and Politics by Mohan Dutta

Walnut Creek: Left Coast Press


Mohan Dutta’s (Communications and New MediaNeoliberal Health Organizing: Communication, Meaning, and Politics closely interrogates the communicative forms and practices that have been central to the establishment of neoliberal governance. In particular, he examines cultural discourses of health in relationship to the market and the health implications of these cultural discourses. Using examples from around the world, he explores the roles of public-private partnerships, NGOs, militaries, and new technologies in reinforcing the link between market and health. Identifying the taken-for-granted assumptions that constitute the foundations of global neoliberal organizing, he offers an alternative strategy for a grassroots-driven participatory form of global organizing of health. This inventive theoretical volume speaks to those in critical communication, in health research, in social policy, and in contemporary political economy studies.

Dutta, M. Neoliberal Health Organizing: Communication, Meaning, and Politics (Left Coast Press, 2015).
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