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FASS Open Day 2013: Come and explore what the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences has to offer!

We have an exciting programme lined up! We are putting together a  special series of talks that are socially relevant and would be of great interest to discerning students today. Some of our most talented Faculty lecturers will share valuable insights on several regional talking points and some of society’s pressing issues. There will also be informative exhibits which showcase our Departments and Programmes. Faculty members, current students and alumni will be present to answer questions about various disciplines and what career options await the FASS graduate.

So mark your calendar. We look forward to seeing you on 18 May 2013!

Starting Out as a (Successful) University Teacher

An academic workshop for FASS graduate students titled “Starting Out as a (Successful) University Teacher” was organised as part of the Teaching Assistants Programme (TAP) last September 2012 . During the session, Prof Hay highlighted the attributes of a successful university teacher, and also shared with participants useful strategies they could use to make a good start in their teaching, as well as identify barriers which they might encounter as fledgling educators. Prof Hay is currently a Matthew Flinders Distinguished Professor of Geography at Flinders University, South Australia and since 2009, the Australian Teaching and Learning Council’s (ALTC) Discipline Scholar for the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities. He has contributed extensively to projects which enhance the scholarship of higher education teaching and learning in Australia, and has received several awards for his commitment to promoting scholarly and creative teaching in his discipline, including the Prime Minister’s Award for Australian University Teacher of the Year in 2006 and the 2010 inaugural Association of American Geographers’ E. Willard and Ruby S. Miller Award.

Prof Shirlena Huang, Vice Dean of FASS Graduate Studies (4th from left), seen here with Prof Hay (centre) with her graduate students.

Dr. Lim Wee Hun Stephen elected to International TOP 100 EDUCATORS 2013

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences extends the warmest congratulations to Dr. Lim Wee Hun Stephen who has, on 22nd March 2013, been named by the International Biographical Centre (IBC) as a member of the TOP 100 EDUCATORS 2013.

A citation abstract of Dr. Lim’s nomination by the IBC Director General is reproduced below:

“As a noted and eminent professional in the field of education you have now been considered and nominated for recognition by the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England. Of the many thousands of biographies from a wide variety of sources investigated by the research and editorial departments of the IBC, a select few are those of individuals who, in our belief, have made a significant contribution in their field to engender influence on a local, national or international basis. Ratification of your nomination by the Awards Board is now complete and it is therefore my great honour to name you as a member of the IBC TOP 100 EDUCATORS 2013. In any one year only one hundred of the world’s best educators, both famous and uncelebrated, from all disciplines will be elected. These are people whose daily work makes a difference. As a holder of this distinction, you can be gratified that your work has not only been noticed but recognized as outstanding.”

Congratulations, Dr. Lim, on receiving this international recognition!

NUS to launch Global Studies major

19 March 2013

Channel News Asia

It was reported that the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at NUS will offer a new major in Global Studies in June. The Global Studies major, which will be part of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, is a multi-disciplinary course which covers areas including political science, economics and sociology.

Click here to read full article.

‘Fire’ and ‘Old Toilets’ win top prizes at the Singapore on Screen FASS Undergraduate Short Film Competition

Two very different films garnered the top prizes at FASS’ inaugural ‘Singapore on Screen’ Undergraduate Short Film competition when the final eight films were screened in competition on Saturday at the NUS Open Day at UTown . The winner in the fiction category was “Fire”, a moving piece that touched on intergenerational student activism and the 1989 ‘June 4th Incident’.  The non-fiction winning film was completely different – “Old Toilets: Memoirs of a Daily Affair” was a fascinating, amusing, albeit discomfiting, personal historical account of Singapore’s toilet customs before modern sanitation. The runner-up films were equally diverse:  ”Hello, Miss”, an dark urban chiller, and “The Broken Porcelain”, a reflection on the changing face on Chinatown(s).

Chris Yeo and the film-makers of “Fire”, Chen Lingzi, Wu Si and Lee Sin Poh

Chris Yeo and winning film-maker of “Old Toilets” Tan Shin


The event, organized by  the Singapore Research Nexus (SRN) www.fas.nus.edu.sg/srn, was open to all undergraduates taking a module by FASS which involved film-production in 2012. The films had to be under 15 minutes in length, be related to Singapore and could  be creative works, documentaries, genre-explorations or pieces of visual ethnography. On Saturday the  top eight entries were screened to the public and the four judges gave  illuminating commentaries after each film for the audience and young film-makers to savour. The judges were: celebrated local film-maker and FASS Alumnus Mr Chris Yeo (Chair), Dr Ingrid Hoofd (CNM), Dr Valerie Wee (English Literature), and Dr Ivan Kwek (Sociology). The winning films each won a $500 prize with the runners up each receiving $200. In summing up, Chris Yeo commended the high quality of the films and iterated his pleasant surprise at how FASS Students have created films that would outshine films produced by their contemporaries at prestigious film schools.

A/P Michelle Lazar, Head of the SRN, introduces the judges and films

While the judges were deliberating there was a screening of  “Incorporating Film-making into Coursework at FASS” a short film of interviews with FASS Faculty Members who offer film as part of their courses: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xO8V5Uhf4h4&feature=youtu.be 

For more details on the winners and to watch the top four films please click below:

Fire (produced for the Department of Chinese Studies module Understanding Modern China through Film) – Filmmakers: Chen Lingzi, Wang Yao, Aw Luo Min, Lee Sin Poh, Wu Si, Allison Angelene Swieca


Old Toilets (produced for the module Everyday Life of Chinese Singaporeans: Past & Present) – Filmmaker: Tan Shin


Hello, Miss (produced for the Department of English Language and Literature module Film Genres: Stars and Styles) – Filmmakers: Haikal Aziz, Corina Tan, Kenneth Ang, Tricia Chean, Yang Tzu Hsuan


The Broken Porcelain (produced for the module Understanding Modern China through Film) – Filmmakers: Dina Berrada, Foo Fang Yu,Wong Siew Fong, Sim Wen Yan, Chua Wei Fang



NUS to offer undergraduate programme in Global Studies

The Straits Times

19 March 2013

It was reported that the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at NUS will offer a new major in Global Studies in June. The Global Studies major, which will be part of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, is a multi-disciplinary course which covers areas including political science, economics and sociology.

Click here to read full article.

Visit http://www.fas.nus.edu.sg/prospective/nusohpage.html

Spread your love this coming Chinese New Year!

A special message from a group of final year students from NUS Business School:

Do Good With Food (“DGWF”) is a social venture that aims to help the hungry children in Singapore through the use of social media.

In light of the upcoming Chinese New Year period, DGWF is launching a campaign whereby $0.10 will be donated to The Straits Times Pocket Money Fund for every photo uploaded and captured by the DGWF website (www.dogoodwithfood.com.sg). All you have to do is to take a picture of your food (any food will do!) using either method:

  1. The DGWF app (available for download through the Apple App Store at the start of Chinese New Year), or
  2. Social media platforms (restricted to the use of Twitter and Instagram) and hashtagging it with #dogoodwithfood or #dgwf in your tweet/photo caption.

Once the upload is complete, you will be able to see your uploaded picture(s) on the DGWF website. Similarly, you can also use the opportunity to look and comment on the tasty treats uploaded by other users.

The campaign will run from 9th February to 8th March 2013. DGWF aims  to donate up to $1,388 (i.e. 13,880 photos uploaded) by the end of this campaign. There is no limit in the number of uploads per individual. The more food photos you upload, the higher the amount that will be donated to these children. Therefore, DGWF hopes that you (and all your friends) can join this cause, as one minute of your time can make a lifetime of difference in the lives of many!

Minor in Pharmaceutical Sciences- Call for Application (Semester 2, AY2012/13)

If you have 3 or more semesters to go before graduation, we invite you to consider the Minor in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The pharmaceutical industry in Singapore is undergoing a phase of expansion as more pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies set up new manufacturing and research facilities here. Along with such expansion plans, the industry will be seeking job applicants with relevant knowledge and skills. In addition to the requisite domain knowledge which may be science, engineering, law or business; the employers are also seeking to hire graduates with supplementary knowledge relevant to the pharmaceutical industry. The relevant adjunct knowledge is based on a foundation in pharmaceutical sciences. Having an understanding of pharmaceutical sciences will enable these graduates to quickly immerse in the environment of the industry and may ease the initial learning phase. With the Minor in Pharmaceutical Sciences, graduates will have a broader spectrum of technical knowledge and skills which may be useful during their postgraduate study in fields relevant to human health.

This programme is hosted by the Department of Pharmacy and aims to provide non-Pharmacy major students with an understanding of the fundamental technical language, knowledge and skill set relevant to the pharmaceutical industry. It also aims to raise the awareness among undergraduates from different majors about the potential applications of their domain knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry.

Application for Semester 2 AY2012/13 is now open till 3 January 2013. More information about this programme, as well as the application form, is available at http://www.pharmacy.nus.edu.sg/programmes/PharmMinor/.

Completed forms should be submitted to the Pharmacy Department Office (S4-02-18) or emailed to phabox2@nus.edu.sg by 3 January 2013.

* Please note that students are not allowed to opt for a new Minor beyond the end of the 5th semester of study.

Cultivating a rich campus life: Interview with Prof Tan Tai Yong, NUS Vice Provost (Student Life)

In this interview with NUS Buzz, NUS Vice Provost (Student Life) and former Dean of FASS Prof Tan Tai Yong shares a few things about himself and his experiences as an administrator, facilitator, educator and researcher.

Click here to read the article.