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  1. Good afternoon NUS FASS Blog,

    My name is Donny, a math student at Duke University. I was a NUS Freshmen way back in 2007 and as a way of contributing to the arts scene and life of the campus, I will be having a show next Friday at YIH. It’s a full band playing club songs with a tinge of R&B and Jazz flavoring that can serve as 1. A way of relaxing after your hard work completing your assignments, 2. A way of mingling with new cool people in the crowd, 3. A pre-event before yall head to the clubs on Friday night. Most importantly, there will be 100 (not 60) cans of FREE BEER.

    I do hope yall can come. I always like the crowd to take back something after my music shows and this time, I ensure you’ll take back, apart from the FREE BEER, stories of inspiration which happened while I was in the states.

    Definitely, this is not an April’s Fool’s joke and more information can be found at http://community.nus.edu.sg/cfa/index.php/programmes/events-calendar?task=showDetails&id=305


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