National Day Award Recipients from FASS

Every year, a good number of staff from FASS receive the National Day Awards to honour their commitment and services to the nation, and this year is no exception. We would like to extend our hearty congratulations to all of them!

The Public Administration Medal (Bronze)

Assoc Prof Pakir, Anne
Director, International Relations Office
Associate Professor, Department of English Language & Literature

The Commendation Medal

Miss Wong Swee Eng
Senior Associate Director, Dean’s Office, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

The Efficiency Medal

Ms Hannah Lim Mong Yee
Management Assistant Officer, Dean’s Office, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

The Long Service Medal

Mdm Jamunarani d/o Danakkody
Management Assistant Officer, Dean’s Office, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

Mrs Kamariah Bte Sumshuddin
Management Assistant Officer, Dean’s Office, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

Assoc Prof Lee Cher Leng
Associate Professor, Department of Chinese Studies

Assoc Prof Albert Tsui Ka Cheng
Associate Professor, Department of Economics

Mrs Fatimah Bte Ahmad
Management Assistant Officer, Department of English Language & Literature


For the full list of recipients from NUS, please click here.

FASS Congratulates Prof Tan Tai Yong!

The Faculty would like to congratulate Prof Tan Tai Yong on his appointment as NMP. Prof Tan is a proud graduate of the Faculty, having gotten his BA (Hons) and MA at the Department of History and finally coming back to lecture after obtaining his PhD from the University of Cambridge. He also served as Dean of FASS from 2004 to 2009 and is currently Vice Provost (Student Life).

To read more about Prof Tan’s appointment, click here.

Cozy and Supportive South Asian Studies Programme

3rd article

“The South Asian Studies Programme (SASP) is a small department, but its size provides a cozy and extremely supportive environment to do research in, from both an administrative and academic angle. The interdisciplinary nature of the department also exposed me to different approaches and ways of thinking, which formed and invaluably broad foundation. Similarly, the interdisciplinary courses recognised and encouraged by the SASP gave me a chance to sample and specialise across complementary discipline, and to meet fellow graduate students in different departments. This approach to learning and rigorous research has benefitted me even as I bring those skills to the corporate world, and as I discover how SASP’s training lasts far longer than just the graduate term itself.”

Ms Lee Wei Fen, (MA, NUS, 2013)
Research Manager (Ethnography),
Quantum Consumer Solutions, Mumbai, India

Gaining a Deeper Understanding

2nd article

“The part-time Masters programme in Applied Economics has been tremendously rewarding for me in terms of career opportunities, personal development as well as new friendships. Through this programme, I have gained a deeper understanding of the dynamic nature of the world economy and skill sets that are applicable in day-to-day work. The lecturers have been most patient and dedicated, and are always there to provide sound advice to my queries. I am truly grateful to them for being an inspiration to me and the Department for all the support during my two-year journey!”

Mr Wong Jian Xiang
M.Soc.Sci. (Applied Economics), Department of Economics, NUS, 2014
Manager, Ministry of Health

Building Friendships and Connections


“The world was different when I graduated my bachelor degree in 2008 before the global financial crisis. The Master in Applied Economics programme allows me to sharpen my analytical skill and refresh my academic knowledge as well as gain some insights into the global economic landscape which could help me excel in my career. Studying with top students from countries across Asia, class discussions were always rich with different perspectives brought onto the table. We also build friendships and connections here.”

Ms Preesuda Meiko Kuansupa
M.Soc.Sci. (Applied Economics), Department of Economics, NUS, 2014 Manager, Global Communications, Standard Chartered Bank

Commencement Celebrations 2014

Another eventful year has come to pass. Another batch of graduating students marked the end of their formal school years and the beginning of an exciting future ahead with the annual Commencement Ceremony at the University Cultural Centre. On top of that, respective departments also held Commencement Celebrations for their graduates to bid them farewell, as well as to welcome them into the FASS Alumni family.

 Other than the usual get-togethers, some departments added in a dash of intellectually engaging components.  The Department of History had a quiz on history and, as with tradition, held their famous customary event – Mad Hatters! – inviting alumni from the Classes of 2013, 2007, and 2008. Some hats on display included a Samsui woman’s, a Bollywood Cop’s, a Shameless Monarch’s, and even a Bird’s Nest hat. The English Language department also had a pub quiz of sorts which tested the graduates’ linguistic and general knowledge about NUS. They also had a graduate who recited a poem he had specially penned for the occasion. Graduates too did not miss out on the opportunity to showcase their musical talents. The Department of Japanese Studies invited alumni from previous years and many friendly exchanges were made between the graduating class, faculty, and alumni, while sharing a communal Japanese meal at Waraku Restaurant. A happy coincidence occurred during Social Work Department’s graduation event – two PhD graduates found that they were classmates from the same Honours batch 18 years ago. All in all it was a joyous occasion for all parties involved.

Click on the following links to read more about the individual events that were held, as shared by the respective departments!

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Geography     History     Japanese Studies    Philosophy   Political Science   Psychology     Social Work     Sociology

 We wish the Class of 2014 the best in their endeavours!

Disclaimer: Links are correct and available at the time of posting.

100th anniversary of World War I, a reminder that peace is precious

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Lianhe Zaobao

It was reported that the Department of History at NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, together with Changi Museum and Singapore History Consultants, held a World War One Centenary Commemoration Ceremony at the Singapore Cenotaph, and a symposium at the Singapore Cricket Club on 4 August. The organisers hope to raise public awareness about World War One, as well as to hold the soldiers who sacrificed in remembrance.

Watch the video of the BBC interview with Prof Brian Farrell from the Department of History about the consequences of WWI on Asia here.