Arts Camp – June 2013

The annual FASS Social Camp, the Arts Camp, was held from 16th to 20th June this year.

Arts Camp had always enjoyed a strong reputation as one of the best social camps in the whole of NUS. It was thus unsurprising to see the slots snapped up by eager incoming freshmen when they went on sale during FASS Open House.

Wide-eyed freshmen were welcomed on Day 1 of camp by their various houses and orientation groups (OGs) which they were randomly sorted into. The houses, A, R, T and S, were supposed to engage in friendly rivalry while the OGs sought to allow the freshmen to make new friends in a smaller and more comfortable setting.


As the days went by, the participants became bonded to one another and the morale of the entire camp grew evidently much higher. Even the haze and the cancelled Sports Day at the Sports Recreational Center were unable to dampen the excitement of all participants as OGs simply moved indoors to play OG games instead.

Eventually, after the 5 action-packed days, R house emerged as the “best house”. However, everyone was a winner as the freshmen enjoyed themselves tremendously and the One-ARTS spirit, propagated by all houses throughout the camp, shown through in the end.

To our freshmen who participated in the Arts Camp, welcome to FASS.


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