Join Us for an Open Meeting with Professor Eric Sheppard (UCLA)

Registration for The (Geo)politics of Urban Transformation in Indonesia Open Meeting is on! 

When? 16 September 2015 (Wednesday), 3pm to 5pm

Where? Graduate Studies Division Meeting Room (AS7 06-03), NUS Kent Ridge Campus

How? Open to all FASS faculty members and graduate students. RSVP with the title “MEETING” to by 11 September 2015.

The (geo)politics of Urban Transformation in Indonesia Poster


Urban Indonesia continues to attract attention from a wide range of scholars, including anthropologists, geographers, planners, political economists and sociologists. An important means of differentiating between ways in which urban Indonesia has been examined – both within and across disciplines – has to do with spatial and scalar framing. In studies of Indonesia, as elsewhere, there is a long tradition of framing cities as part of national urban and political systems. Up until the end of the Suharto era, this meant a highly centralized (specifically Jakarta-centred) national political economy. Subsequent historical developments have given rise to rather different spatial framings of work on urban Indonesia: for some, decentralization associated with regional autonomy legislation has downscaled attention to the policies and aspirations of specific cities and urban regions across the archipelago; while for others economic (neo)liberalization has directed attention to wider geopolitical and geoeconomic dynamics of change.

This open meeting is intended to bring together scholars from across campus concerned with the (geo)politics of urban Indonesia. The meeting has been convened to coincide with a visit to Singapore by Professor Eric Sheppard (UCLA). Professor Sheppard, along with Professor Helga Leitner (also UCLA), is currently conducting research on the ‘geopolitical economy’ of urban land in Jakarta, engaging issues of dispossession, land use change, marketization and urban ecology.

All faculty members and graduate students working on (or merely interested in!) urban Indonesia are welcome to attend.

For more on Professor Eric Sheppard, visit his UCLA webpage.