“How Much Can You Prepare For A Disaster?: Lessons from Fukushima.”

Announcing an upcoming lecture by Susumu Tanaka, NEC’s Chief
Manager, Social Systems Operations Unit & Senior Manager, Overseas Business
Strategy Office, Social Infrastructure Solutions Planning Division. The
topic is “How Much Can You Prepare For A Disaster?”: Lessons from

The earthquake and tsunami which hit the eastern part of Japan in March 2011 offers many lessons for cities coping with natural or man-made disasters. One important lesson is the critical role of disaster information communication system to trigger off the alert, and then to accurately transmit information in a timely manner to various parties such as rescue workers, government officials and citizens to facilitate cooperation in the rescue and recovery work. This talk draws lessons from the Fukushima incident and highlights and evaluates the strengths and limitations of info communication or smart technologies in helping cities prepare and manage disasters.

The event will take place on 2nd July at 2pm in AS7 level 1 at the A&B
Seminar Room.

If you would like to register for the event, please follow the link here:
Alternately, you may email the NUS Energy Office at dprbox16@nus.edu.sg to
register, and if you have any questions. Hope to see you there!

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