Who is violating my privacy, 360 of QQ?

Just several days ago, an conflict between two companies broke out. Some stupid windows often come out on my screen, saying bad of another company. The conflict has been so hot ever since it was released. One reason is that the products of these two companies are quite commonly used by most of Chinese. QQ is the most widely used chatting software. According to its statistics, the total number of QQ accounts has exceeded 100 million. It also provides quite a lot of sub-features such as QQmusic and  QQemail, which are used by huge amounts of customers. For 360, it is the most popular free antivirus software in China. Another reason is that the issue they are arguing about is whether QQ is violating its users’ privacy. 360 said that QQ has been monitoring its users and even check the files in these users’ computers all the time. I myself have both of the two softwares installed on my computer.  As to me, I do not really care about the attempt and the  interest relation behind the innocent faces of both sides, but I do care about my privacy being violated and it would be rather scary if it is the case as stated by 360.

from QQ

At first it seems very hard to understand for me. Why is the interest of a chatting software company colliding with that of a antivirus software. However, I then find that there are also many other companies against 360, Baidu, the largest searching engine in China, for instance. Actually, QQ has its own web portal as the means to express. They simply gather together some other companies to publish a statement saying that 360 is competing illicitly. Under that is some words by some so called experts, but who knows. The way they face this issue makes me feel not so good. I would assume they have things can not be told to the public if they paid so much effort to damage the reputation of its competitor all of a sudden. If you are so innocent and righteous, why you only point it out only after that company said you are violating users’ privacy?  360 released a new software called QQsafeguide, which is designed especially to QQ users. 360 said they can help protect the QQ users with this new software from junk information and ads , monitoring, theft of QQ accounts and so on.  I actually tried this software and the direct result I see is that many of the sub-features of QQ is blocked. I even failed to open the QQ web portal. Besides, QQ pointed out that if we change the name of a notebook file into QQ.exe, the safe guide will show about 15 warnings.  That is so wired. The two companies’ conflict is done by harming the users of each other.

For the privacy issue, I saw a piece of news that an account of a former user of QQ was cancelled because QQ found the computer of that user has some sensitive politic content inside. Maybe the news is made up by360. I do not know for sure. However, QQ did use some of the information it got by monitoring to help the police. People are quite concerned about this privacy issue this time. The interest involved are not only from the two firms. Maybe we have been monitored by QQ ever since it came out.  And it is already a part of our life such that I am actually on QQ  when writing this blog. Am I being monitored? I do not know.Do I feel all right if I am being monitored? Sure not. Neither does anyone I think.

We can easily see it is the interest behind that caused this issue. Even it is proved to be true that QQ is violating privacy, it does not mean 360 is an innocent hero.But QQ is absolutely a jerk if that is that case.  Scanning files of users and monitoring users without acknowledgement are definitely not acceptable anyway.

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