BES Nature Race 2018

What’s a decent way to de-stress from assignments and project deadlines while having fun in the arms of nature? You could enjoy the beauty of sunset during a family bike trip along the East Coast Park in the evening, have an early morning walk in our beloved MacRitchie Reservoir while appreciating the jubilance of chirpy sunbirds and shaking branches left by a leaping macaque right above your head, or even stroll along the mangrove boardwalks at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. They all sound perfect, but have you heard of the BES Nature Race?

The annual Nature Race organized by the NUS Bachelor of Environmental Studies’ Student Committee is on its’ third year running, with teams from NUS racing through our country’s parks in order to complete missions while learning about our local flora and fauna. This year, the BES Nature Race 2018 was organised in none other than Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park.

The morning silence of Bishan Park was soon cheered up by spirited Nature Race participants, despite the that they had sacrificed their sweet weekend sleep-in.

Groups had to play games to complete main quests (with hidden side missions as well!), and participants had to strategise wisely in order to collect more points in the given time. Some interesting activities include spotting and identifying pictures of flora and fauna across Dragonfly pond using binoculars, taking photos of adorable dogs, and even answering geography- or biology-related questions. Remember to listen in class kids, such knowledge will definitely come in handy someday!

The BES events committee prided themselves with making the games were as environmentally friendly as possible. For example, one game involved using sticks littered around the park (the sticks were returned, of course!), and other games involved using minimal logistics such as a pencil, eraser and paper (which could be easily brought from home)! This year, our student affairs committee even tried to reduce packaging waste by providing fruits as an alternative snack in the goodie bags given out.

The group Easy as 123 took first place again, proving themselves to be the reigning champions of BES Nature Races (3 years in a row already, ladies and gentlemen!) psst, the seniors will be graduating next year, so the rest of you will finally have a chance to win!


The reigning champions of BES Nature Race – Team Easy as 123


The first runner ups that hunted mercilessly – Team Mousehunt!


Second Runner Ups – Team Solomid (Esports, anyone?)


The team representing last year’s student committee → Team Emoji


Our first ever Life Sciences Team – Team EVBig!


The team with the least number of members – Team Chee Weng!


The BES student committee would like to thank all participants for joining us this year, including our first ever team from the Life Sciences major! We hope all of you had fun sweating around Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, and we hope to see you guys again next year!



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