Post Green Careers Networking 2018

With growing concerns over environmental issues and sustainable development nowadays, green jobs are critically pivotal in promoting the trend of going green across different fields. As such, members of NUS Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES) Student Committee, with the aid of Office of Environmental Sustainability, invited 5 guests whom have involved and contributed themselves in green careers en masse to our inaugural Green Careers Networking. The panellists include Ms Pui Cuifen, Senior Environmental Scientist of DHI; Mr Kavickumar Muruganathan, Vice President of Environment, Health and Safety of Halcyon Agri Corporation Limited; Ms Xin-Yi Wong, Sustainability Manager of H&M; Ms Roopali Raghavan, Assistant Director of Conservation, Research and Veterinary Services in Wildlife Reserves Singapore, and last but not least, Mr Michael Blanding, Director of Corporate Responsibility, Asia Africa, Middle East, Greater China of InterContinental Hotels Group. Through this talk we aimed to provide insights into audience’s future career path with their experiences from various specialisations in the green sector.


Left: The BES Student Committee Vice President, Oh Ren Min; Right: Dr Joanna Coleman, BES lecturer


In her brief yet inspiring opening speech, Dr Joanna Coleman, our BES lecturer, highlighted the exasperating environmental issues and the desperate need for green careers in driving the sustainable economic growth, denoting the initiation of talk.

Panelists took turns sharing their career backgrounds and the feasibility of green ideas, as well as how they overcame obstacles in their work. It is both surprising and pleasant to know that resource-intensive industries, such as hotel and fashion industries, have implemented novel concepts on minimizing energy use and carbon footprint. One notable idea is the installation of infrared sensors above the hotel rooms’ ceiling to efficiently reduce the usage of electricity by turning off the electrical appliances automatically when no one is present in the room.





Ms Pui Cuifen

Senior Environmental Scientist







Mr Kavickumar Muruganathan,

Vice President of Environment, Health and Safety

Halcyon Agri






Ms Xin-Yi Wong,

Sustainability Manager,







Ms Roopali Raghavan,

Assistant Director – Conservation, Research and Veterinary Services,

Wildlife Reserves Singapore



Mr Michael Blanding,

Director of Corporate Responsibility, Asia Africa, Middle East, Greater China

InterContinental Hotels Group



The Q&A session allowed audiences to share their queries relating to the green industry during the panel discussion with panelists after the speeches. The replies from panelists were proved helpful and insightful in allowing the audience to understand the field of green careers and its relevance to other fields such as AI. The inaugural Green Careers Networking Session ended with a networking session, providing the audience opportunities to talk to the panelists face-to-face as well as answer any other queries they had.


From left to right: Ms Oh Ren Min, Ms Pui Cuifen, Ms Xin-Yi Wong, Ms Roopali Raghavan, Mr. Kavickumar Muruganathan, Mr. Michael Blanding

As the organisers, we would like to express our immense gratitude to the panelists for their time and willingness to share with us their stories. We also hope that our audience has greatly benefited and been inspired from the talk and discussion. The green industry will continue to grow slowly, and it definitely needs sheer passion and endeavours from us who genuinely know and care about it to maintain its blooming trend.


Last but not least, here are some quotes from our panelists:

Michael Blanding:
So for those aspiring students who are undergraduate and looking for a job in the green sector, I would say focus on honing your communication skills. For me, it has been most of my time running speeches, giving presentations and producing videos. So think about your communication skills. Brilliant sustainability plans can actually be communicated well and clearly. Secondly, I would say get some experience, volunteering and interning are more precious and valuable than real practical experience

Xin-Yi Wong:
Well, it’s really encouraging to see that so many young people are interested in environmental studies and they want to make a positive impact on the environment and the communities around. What I would say is that it’s not going to be an easy journey, and if you really want to have your dream job in the green sector, just keep working at it. You may not get it for your first job, but just continue to be passionate and dedicated, and you will definitely achieve your goals.

Roopali Raghavan:
To all BES students, thank you very much for choosing to work for the environment. I look forward to meeting you all as you embark on your career and working together to make Singapore a better place for us and our local wildlife. All the best!

Kavickumar Muruganathan:
I wish you guys all the best. I think it’s very important that you choose a job that you like. And you should pay attention when you choose your first job in the green sector. It’s a new path, and of course, keep learning along the way, because learning never stops. So keep reinventing yourself, don’t be put down by setbacks and always move forward. Be positive and I wish you all the best.

Pui Cuifen:
Have the courage to explore. Take time to explore and find out what’s out there. Go with what resonates with you and what you are good at. And then have the courage to believe you’ll do it.


All photos from the event have been posted below in the blog post. Click here to download our PDF booklet.


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