BES Day 2017

BES Day is our annual flagship event to start off the year as a BES Community. It is organised by the NUS Bachelor of Environmental Studies Student Committee and serves as a day to facilitate inter- and intra-batch bonding, filled with food and fun. This year, we gathered at East Coast Park for some delicious barbeque, nice scenery and an overall chill time. Of course, a BES event would have to be environmentally friendly. Hence, we maintained the tradition of not buying any plastic utensils and instead asked the student body to bring their own non-disposable cutlery and utensils. Here’s what some of our BES students thought of BES Day 2017:

Samuel Teo (Year 1):

“Missing BES camp (and everything school related) due to commitments at work was quite a demoralising way to start one’s university life. When I attended my first tutorial, everyone had already known each other but I felt like a lost sheep. When I heard about BES day, I felt it was a perfect opportunity to get to know everyone! I took the leap of faith and signed up although I had only known a handful of people then! I wasn’t disappointed when I got to ECP. I was quickly welcomed and included in the group! Everyone is so friendly and willing to talk to each other. I feel that I’m now better acquainted with my course mates and it wouldn’t have been possible without BES day!”

Li Fang (Year 4):

“BES Day is always something to look forward to every start of the new academic year. Having been part of the organising committee of last year’s event, I was glad to be able to sit back and fully enjoy this year’s.

Needless to say, the food was the highlight of the day. I cannot tell you how perfectly grilled the meat and mushrooms were unless you tasted them for yourselves, which you should be slapping yourself if you didn’t come (Yes, it’s that good). We have some pretty skilled chefs that day. You know, if they can’t find a job after graduation, they’ll definitely succeed as a satay man (Haha sorry Justin and Shao Hua).

BES Day is a great setting to catch up with friends after not seeing them for three months of the summer holidays. It is also the rare opportunity to meet people from other batches. I hope the juniors got to speak to some of the seniors and gained some insights and tips to surviving university!

Thumbs up to the 6th BES Student Comm for organising a successful BES Day!”


The BES Student Committee would like to thank everyone who made it, and hopes that you guys will look forward to future BES events!


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