What better way to end off the academic year’s Share and Care sessions than to invite our graduated seniors back home to share about their working experiences? In this final edition of Share and Care, 10 seniors from the first 2 batches of BES kindly took time off their Wednesday evening to present on what they’ve been up to since they graduated 2/ 3 years back.

The Speakers of Share & Care 5. From left to right: Jacqueline, Nicholas, Anjana, Dawn, Shuyan, Sing Yee, Sara, Samuel, Zhangxin. Not in pic: Wan Xuan.

The sense of homecoming was palpable, from the small talk between the graduates and the banter directed at their ex-classmate speakers. So was the current BES seniors’ anxiety of post-graduation life, with questions spanning from CAP to interview advice. Particularly heartening was the number of Year 1 and Year 2 students who attended the session; they easily filled up entire rows of seats in the huge lecture theatre behind the senior batches.

During the talks and Q&A sessions, countless invaluable advice was passed down, ranging from the need to remain flexible in searching for suitable jobs, conduct personal or on-the-job skills upgrading and build relationships with fellow colleagues. It certainly seems like the interdisciplinary nature of our course helps in positioning us as fast learners and having relevant skills for a diverse range of industries, but that also means that our specific experiences in various industries, from our choice of modules and internships, matter greatly in the employers’ decision to hire. And yes – doing internships during school holidays is useful – both in helping us understand more about certain issues we are passionate about, and to help us realize places that we wouldn’t necessarily return to after graduation.

Q&A Session with the graduated seniors
Pizzas and networking!

All in all, we cannot thank the graduates enough for coming back on a weekday night and staying throughout to answer our questions and network with us over pizza. We sincerely wish you all the best in your careers ahead. In the meantime, back to worrying about finals for now…


Publicity, 5th BES Student Comm

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