It was a cosy tutorial room where BES share and care took place once again.

In the Summer Edition of our Share and Care series, our seniors took us on virtual tours to both less treaded paths locally and adventures in faraway lands as they shared about navigating the internship scene in Singapore, climbing a rock face in South Africa after getting lost at dawn and being implicitly told to try harder after attempting to order MacDonald’s in a native language overseas!

Joeline sharing about her SEP to the University of Calgary.

One of the most important advice given: Don’t be afraid to set your foot on foreign grounds. With an open mind, you would sure make amazing international friends, and if you’re Joeline, you would even meet one of the world’s leading glaciologists in Canada!

However, as the faculty staff probably mentioned a gazillion times in SEP/ summer programme briefings, don’t cast your net only towards the classic West; there’s new experiences to enjoy in any foreign country – just ask the seniors about the food in Hong Kong, and the amazing schoolchildren in South Africa (legend has it one kid can dance better than anyone present that day…).

Sebastian and his collection of delicious memories.


Amirul presenting on his Summer School experience to South Africa.

Speaking of South Africa – worrying that Summer School Programmes offer less opportunities to discover new things than a full-blown SEP? Amirul’s summer experience in South Africa will surely change your perception on this. Working with international classmates and helping out in a school for less privileged kids are just part of the list of things he’s done. The one that topped all these off, was that one time he went for the world’s highest bridge bungee jump. You Only Live Once, right?

Rachel sharing about her internship with NParks.
Tak Wei kick-started the session with some introduction to summer programmes.

Last but not least, let’s not overlook the fact that there are exciting opportunities without you having to venture away from home. Rachel and Tak Wei did their internships in NParks and NEA respectively and they gained first-hand experiences of planning and executing projects in the government sector, as well as the softer skills of negotiation and collaboration.

It is indeed important to participate in activities that you’d probably experience only once in your lifetime, make new friends at school and at work, and read unique modules that NUS doesn’t offer. However, the most important note of all is to be humble and willing to learn, wherever you find yourself in the quest to go overseas. That way, you could end your summer or overseas experience with unexpected gifts such a finding a friend in your supervisor, succeeding at speaking a new language or even finding your purpose of choosing BES in the first place.

The speakers of Share and Care 4. From left to right: Rachel, Joeline, Sebastian, Tak Wei and Amirul.

We hope that all of you enjoyed this Share and Care and gained some helpful insights to summer and overseas programmes!

If you missed this sharing session, fret not! Fill up this request form by this Sunday, 26 Feb, to receive the slides from this session.

Stay tuned for more!


– Publicity, 5th BES Student Comm


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