BES Nature Race 2017

Clear skies? Checked. Binoculars and DSLRs with giant lenses? Checked. Quirky group names? Checked.

Even before the race started…

Last but not least, hearts full of love for nature?


And with the balmy sunshine spilling onto the beautiful expanse of Chinese and Japanese Gardens, our five teams set off for BES Nature Race 2017 with their race passports in hand.

This is no ordinary race – having only the competitive spirit will only get you started with the race. To complete it, one will need the eyes of an eagle, the agility of a leopard, stamina of an Arctic tern and of course, the knowledge of a BES student.

The SWAMP game

In the middle of a garden full of the fastest growing plant (GUESS) sat our station master Choo Min, who gave the one and only hint to the participants: observation is key. The teams were tasked to list down two objects of each of the five categories: Stars, Weather, Animals, Minerals and Plants in the vicinity of the bamboo garden. Sounds like a piece of cake isn’t it? Now let’s string the ten words up and create a short story.

Matrix much?

At the second station, the station masters were ready to attack – with beach balls and trivia questions. And for the teams playing the dodgeball trivia, answers are their best defence. It sure wasn’t easy having to multitask. Fortunately, with the occasional near-misses and spot-on answers, all the teams survived alright.

A bird? A leaf? A piece of paper stuck on a branch?

Remember the part about being sharp-eyed? The participants have truly proven themselves to be great observers with their binoculars and cameras at station three. Along the roundabouts, there were 10 pictures of birds planted among the trees by the station masters and the teams are supposed to spot and identify them. Unsurprisingly, with the birdwatching vogue spreading in the BES community, all groups managed to score more than 8 points.


In this generation which emoticons have become part of our communication, what better way to test the teams’ knowledge on species by getting them to identify the names of 10 image-coded animals?

Do you really know your parks? 😉

At the Japanese Garden rest house, Fang Qi tested the teams’ ability to identify 15 different parks in Singapore. BES students might not be born adventurous all the time, but as we embark on the journey of environmental studies the flames of curiosity and exploration are sparked. And the station Know Your Parks showed just how much the teams know about Singapore’s green spaces.

Twin Pagoda Long Distance Charades!

At the last station, the teams climbed up the Twin Pagoda to play a game of Long-distance Charades where members have to act and shout across the pagodas to guess words and phrases. Thought normal charades was challenging enough? This station definitely sharpened our participants’ face-to-face communication skills (may have worsened cases of long-sightedness…)!

And here’s our top three winners for BES Nature Race 2017!

Regardless, everyone emerged a winner – be it nice photographs, new nature trivia, and of course the awesome race pack, all of us won something in the end! A huge thank you to the events committee for planning this exciting nature race and we hope that everyone had a great time with us!


More photos! Spot any familiar faces?

– Publicity, 5th BES Student Comm

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