Share and Care 1 (AY 16/17)

IMG_20160818_141820 Sandra sharing about BES drongos

In the first Share & Care session of the academic year 16/17, we were delighted to have 8 seniors joining us and sharing their experiences in the labyrinth of BES life!

With the start of a new school term, Shao Hua shared with us the various school hacks and tips to organise our school life. Sandra and Jun Jie opened windows of opportunities for the BES freshies to engage in environmental activities, while Aisyah and Gwendolyn presented about module choices for geography and biology specialisations students.

IMG_20160818_144235Aisyah sharing about the academic journey for the Environmental Geography specialization

Amidst the not-too-subtle laments of the guys who’ve gone through national service, Aleena and Sean unveiled their gruelling but rewarding stories of outfield trips and environmental research. Last but not least, Hui Hao showed us the fulfilling experience of Student Exchange Programme and the perks of studying in a foreign country.

IMG_20160818_144023Thank you speakers for taking time off your busy schedules to share your experiences! Clockwise from centre (first 2 rows): Shao Hua, Sandra, Aisyah, Jun Jie, Hui Hao, Gwendolyn, Sean, Aleena

Hope that everyone is now fully prepared for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Don’t worry if you still have reservations (we all do) – keep calm and stay tuned for more Share & Care sessions coming up in the future. Let us know what you want to see in these future sessions too in the comments!

P.S. For those of you who didn’t manage to catch the details or missed the session, here’s a survey for you to indicate if you’d like to have the slides. There’s also some quick questions there which can help us improve on our subsequent Share and Care sessions so please take a minute or two to provide some feedback too. Thank you!


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