5 reasons why BES day was the BESt way to end your first week of school.

14 August 2016 marked the end of the first week of school for all NUS students, and of course, that kicked off a new phase of life for the freshies. Thought that nothing’s better than lazing at home after a week of school? We beg to differ – here’s 5 reasons why BES day was the best way to end the first week of school.

  1. New pals

_MG_3327 DSC_0094

BES Day was a great opportunity for everyone to mingle around and make new friends with BESties from all batches – even some graduates came down! Against a serene backdrop of gently lapping waves, faraway cable cars and the occasional rumours of a Snorlax snoozing close by, everyone put their social shoes on and made new friends to enjoy university life with.


   2. New Paw PalsDSC00874


Four lovely cuddly ambassadors from NUS PAWS, Nokia, Rambo, Chelsea and Batman graced our event. You didn’t have to be a dog whisperer to pet them or give them a treat. It was amazing how the doggies neither barked nor bit anyone! Some of them were really energetic though, instead of the BES dog lovers walking them, they dragged their hooman friends around instead! Nevertheless, aren’t dogs truly the best friends of man?


  3. Free guides on surviving school


Seniors and graduates who came down were extremely forthcoming in sharing all the tips and tricks needed to get through school while maintaining sanity. Their disciples were equally unreserved with candid questions such as “What is your greatest regret during your BES days?” and more.


  4. Treasure (Pokemon) hunt

_1040122 _MG_3445 DSC00978 DSC00913

Everyone got their pick of goodies hidden around Labrador Park, regardless of whether they were living in the virtual world or preferred to keep things real. Some recovered treasures were exchangeable for chocolates and chips.

  5. Happy tummies, empty bins



What other way to exhibit environmental friendliness than protecting the environment from excessive trash? Huge thank you to all of you who brought your own containers and utensils, and for labelling your cups and plates for reuse!


Thank you everyone for joining us at BES Day 2016 and making it the BESt way to cut through the back-to-school blues! ❤


Publicity, 5th BES Student Comm. 

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